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In a new story, Vox calls resistance to critical race theory (CRT) “racist,” no matter how reasoned.

“Critical race theory…highlighted how, even when the law changed to increase racial equity, institutions disrupted the intentions of those laws and tried to get around them,” the article says. “At its core, critical race theory identifies this dynamic: When the country takes two steps forward in the name of progress, racist forces push it a step back.”

Opposition to racial equity doesn’t come from “racist forces.” “Equity” means equal outcomes for all, not equality of opportunity. Vice President Kamala Harris showed her support for the former in a tweet directly before last year’s presidential election. It’s distinctly not racist – anti-racist – to oppose a communist push for equal outcomes that uses race as a Trojan horse.

Anti-CRT “bills amount to a Republican scare tactic and disinformation campaign, and critical race theory has in some circles become a dog whistle that communicates resistance toward racial justice progress,” the story continues. “What the fight against critical race theory really shows is how Republicans are threatened by the progress that has been made with respect to racial justice and is uncomfortable with what it might actually look like to confront and eradicate racism.”

Educating the public about how racially regressive – racist, one might say – CRT is doesn’t amount to a “scare tactic and disinformation campaign.”

And Republicans aren’t “threatened” by racial progress. Republicans are the party that abolished American slavery. Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow.

Republicans thus couldn’t be “uncomfortable with…confront[ing] and eradicat[ing] racism.”  They’re uncomfortable with racism of any kind, including against white Americans.

CRT was established as an academic discipline in the 1990s using identity-based Marxism. It now takes the form of school curricula, human resources modules, and diversity training programs.

Critical race theory explicitly rejects equality in favor of a reframed Marxism. Under an equity-driven government, there would be no more private property, equality under the law, individual rights, free speech, or federalism. Instead, there’d be discrimination, group-based rights, and race-based wealth redistribution in a highly bureaucratic system.

Contrary to what Vox says, CRT opponents aren’t “just in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.” CRT is so pervasive that it’s “becoming the operating ideology of our public institutions,” according to Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

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