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Vox, which purports to “explain” the news rather than to advocate about the news, ran an article Dylan Matthews with unfounded accusations about President Trump and his family, calling them “distinctly immoral.”

In his article, “Donald Trump and the crisis of elite impunity: The Russia scandal is about more than collusion. It’s also about the corruption of America’s elites,” Matthews ignores due process.

“I don’t know why Trump and his team accepted, and at times actively solicited, the help of Putin and Russian intelligence in winning the 2016 election, and why they have appeared at times to actively serve Putin’s interests once in office,” Matthews wrote. “Maybe they were just taking whatever help they could get; maybe the pee tape is real; maybe Jon Chait is right and Trump has been a Soviet/Russian agent for three decades.”

Matthews also just can’t seem to fathom why the entire Trump family isn’t already in jail, but in his mind, they already should be.

“Donald Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr., Cohen, and Kushner aren’t under criminal indictment just yet,” Matthews wrote. “(Of course, Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair, is, and for serious financial crimes that are so far largely unrelated to his work for Trump.) Maybe it’s all just a series of awful coincidences. Or maybe they have correctly perceived that you can get away with truly massive white-collar crimes, and have lived their lives accordingly … with such a clear record that neither businesspeople engaged in systematic financial wrongdoing nor political officials involved in criminal activity and illicit deals with foreign powers will ever face any consequences — why on earth wouldn’t someone like Trump, a man who lacks any willingness to sacrifice his self-interest in order to do the right thing, work with Russia?”

Matthews outlined many instances of the inherent tension between security and liberty, which every administration must grapple with, including the Trumps. Yet, Matthews singles out the Trump family as singularly vile.

“The obvious rebuttal here is that the Trumps are different,” Matthews asserts. “They’re distinctly immoral, uniquely willing to fly in the face of decency and patriotic duty and basic morality to make money and gain power. They don’t need a culture of impunity to do horrible things. To which I’d respond: yes, obviously. That’s who they are. But there will always be people like that, and there will be more as long as we maintain a system that gives them total immunity from criminal or even professional consequences for their actions … people like the Trumps will continue to believe that criminality and collusion are just fine. Unless we’re willing to break down that system, and interrogate the role that even Trump’s enemies have played in building it, we will get two, three, many Trumps in the future.”

“Trump recognized Russian Meddling MANY TIMES”

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