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Few media outlets can match Vogue in terms of frustration at the president’s so-far successful trip to the U.K.

In “Was Queen Elizabeth Really Trolling Trump?” reporter Michelle Ruiz takes a number of shots at the president.

“There was something distinctly queasy about the feeling of watching the British royals fraternize with the Trump administration – as well as, um, the entire Trump family – during Donald Trump’s state banquet Monday night at Buckingham Palace,” Ruiz began her piece. “Duty call and all, but as Labour shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry astutely pointed out, ‘I don’t think that this president … deserves the honor’ of a state visit, given his displays of racism and misogyny, among other objectionable behaviors.”

Ruiz suggested that “perhaps as a coping tactic in the face of this uncomfortable visit (notwithstanding Britain’s own problematic colonial history, Kate Middleton should not have to talk to Steve Mnuchin in any setting), Internet theories swiftly emerged that Queen Elizabeth II was actually trolling Trump through her accessories, gift choices and words.”

The Burmese Ruby Tiara the queen wore is believed by the people of Burma to possess “’prophylactic properties guarding the wearer not only against illness but also against evil.’”

The queen’s other noted gift, a first-edition copy of “The Second World War” by Winston Churchill, “registered as a potential dig both because it’s a book, and Trump has been accused of not liking to read, and because it’s a book about a noted anti-fascist.”

Trump reads at least three newspapers per day and skims a fourth, according to Axios.

Ruiz further found condemnation of President Trump in the queen’s remarks at Monday night’s banquet. The queen said: “As we face the new challenges of the 21st century, the anniversary of D-Day reminds us of all that our countries have achieved together.”

Ruiz wrote: “Some wishful thinkers, like political scientists David Rothkopf, interpreted the queen’s words as ‘an extraordinary reproach,” saying on Twitter that she was ‘trolling Trump hard here, with  remarks underscoring the importance of the alliances and the international institutions Trump is working so hard to undermine and dismantle.’”

Ruiz doesn’t say what alliances and international institutions Trump is working so hard to undermine and dismantle, but we can assume one is NATO. What Trump has done there, of course, is not undermine the organization but, as even Theresa May acknowledged, strengthen it by calling on leaders of other member nations to meet their defense spending commitments.

Even the prayer said for both governments at the banquet on Monday sparked speculation the queen was being mean to Trump. “Grant them as symbols of loyalty and unity for all their people; inspire their governments with vision, understanding and integrity,” the Very Reverend Dr. John Hall said in the prayer.

Ruiz seems to know the queen is not out to troll Trump even as she writes that she may well have. “The elaborate revenge fantasy is satisfying,” Ruiz wrote. “But the likelihood of Queen Elizabeth II actually savagely clapping back at the president of the United States through her tiara rubies while elaborately receiving him at her palace is probably quite slim. It is not, in fact, time to welcome her to the resistance, no matter how hard one wishes to try.”

She then quotes Jessica Morgan of Gofugyourself, a sassy British woman-oriented website, saying the tiara probably was chosen because it matched her outfit and the book was appropriate given the impetus for the visit was commemoration of the D-Day attack 75 years ago.

“’I totally understand why people want the queen to be trolling Trump,’” Ruiz quoted Morgan as saying. “’But I also think there is a tendency to read more into these things than perhaps is truly there.’”

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