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My column of disgust over Rupert Murdoch’s “Family Guy” promos during NFL football on Sunday afternoon generated interesting responses. Greg Allen of the Accent Radio Network had me on to talk about it. He agreed with my concerns and said he was sick and tired of sleazy Fox programs, too.

“Thank you very much,” said one writer to AIM. “I felt the same as you. During that clip I had to surf the channels. I for one couldn’t stomach that sickening promo and I didn’t want to subject my children to that garbage! It is a sad day for all of America when a mode of entertainment is a cartoon of a puking dog asking ‘Are you going to eat that.’”

Said another: “My wife is still fuming about a promo for Family Guy where the dog compares something or other as being as useful as Roosevelt’s legs. I guess he is talking about President Roosevelt’s polio. If polio is funny, I’m missing something.”

The offensive promos also appeared during another game.

“The same thing happened to me as I tried to watch the Lions & Packers on Sunday afternoon,” one person wrote in. “That station is so disgusting it made me want to puke. I think the motive behind that animated show is bestiality; after all this isn’t the first intimate exchange between a woman and a dog on TV. They are out there and they are coming for our children. We need to pull the damned plug and throw the TV out of our homes.”

Several readers blamed Murdoch personally.

“I read with much appreciation your article on the ‘puking dog’ commercial during the Redskins-Saints game,” he said. “It really comes as no surprise to me that Murdoch, who recently endorsed Hillary Clinton, condones such trash on his network. Keep after him!”

Another said, “Murdoch is not a conservative or a liberal. He is a capitalist first, last and always. He cares not what happens to you, me or America, as long as FOX and his other ventures prosper. Murdoch is not a ‘Family Guy.’ As for the show: the only time I watched a few minutes of this drivel showed me more than I wished to know. The plot is that Dad is a right-wing nut job whose dog is smarter than he is. The whole show is about how dumb we are and tries to point out our faults through what they consider humor. I have a feeling that the people watching this are either lefties wanting to feel superior or brain dead conservatives that don’t know when they are being made fun of.”

On the site, part of my column was reproduced with several different responses. They included:

– Watch the movie “Network.” Therein lies the beginning of wisdom.

– There’s nothing conservative about Fox, Fox News Channel or Rupert Murdoch.

– Agreed it’s tasteless. Do you have a remote control? How about an email address to Fox?

– His point was that he was watching FOOTBALL with his children, and would rather not have to have the remote control and change the channel on every commercial.

Meanwhile, an Australian news site reports that the executive producer of “Family Guy,” David Goodman, says the show is so crude that he won’t allow his children to watch it. “I think children are growing up a little too fast and are exposed to things that they shouldn’t be yet,” he said.

So what does he think about running disgusting promos for his show during an NFL football game when children are watching? Perhaps he can talk to Murdoch about this.

The board of News Corporation now includes Bush’s former education secretary, Rod Paige.

News Corporation executives can be reached here.

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