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Vice News seems to have forgotten that Americans and immigrants living in America can still purchase commercial flights to Iran and other countries listed on a travel watch list by President Trump due to their status as incubators for global terrorism.

For those countries without easily purchasable flight itineraries, other transportation methods allow citizens and other travelers to enter their destinations from a bordering country.

In its article, “The Nightmare of Trying to Get Around Trump’s Latest Travel Ban,” Vice interviewed Iranian immigrants in America, including a U.S. citizen who told sad tales of family separation due to the restricted travel policy.

While it’s difficult to hear about loving, productive families getting separated, especially under times of stress and sickness, the article did not mention that any of the individuals cited tried to travel to visit their loved ones abroad. The stories were simply of family members in terrorist havens that were unable to enter America’s borders.

“And for Aghdashi, Omid, and countless others desperate to reunite with their families, a faceless bureaucracy that leaves a sliver of false hope is wrecking their lives. As Omid told me, ‘Losing someone like a brother is unimaginably difficult, but not being with my family makes it 100 times harder.’”

While the Vice story tells one side of the impact of the travel restrictions, it does not tell the stories of loss and anguish among American families who have suffered and seen their lives wrecked at the hands of imported terrorism.

It also doesn’t tell about how people from many other countries suffer at the hands of terrorism bankrolled by Iranians who subsidize Hezbollah in Lebanon, Houthis in Yemen and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

While the Vice article did report that the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the full implementation of President Trump’s travel ban in December, it did not correct an assertion by Democrat Chris Van Hollen that the travel ban is “in violation of our Constitution and our immigration laws.”

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