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Vice News Agrees to Settlement for Underpaying Women

Vice News agreed to pay a nearly $2 million settlement for allegedly paying its women staff less than men, even as progressives perpetually howl that it is conservatives who don’t care about “equal pay for equal work.”

“Vice has agreed to a $1.875 million deal to resolve a class action lawsuit brought by some of the media company’s female workforce,” wrote Eriq Gardner at the Hollywood Reporter. [1]

“The proposed settlement was quietly submitted for approval to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Monday. By the looks of the court papers, Vice was likely saved from paying millions more because the company tends to employ younger women … The suit alleges that Vice failed to pay men and women equally for similar work because Vice relied on prior salaries. The pay gap is said to be perpetuated as female employees moved within the organization. For instance, the complaint details how Rose hired a male project manager in 2015 for a joint project and despite the fact that the two were the same age and had similar work experience, Rose earned less than that man, who subsequently rose through the ranks of the company.”

Vice has an entire section on its website on the topic of Equal Pay. [2]

Last year, Vice ran a story headlined “Women Deserve Equal Work for Equal Pay, But the Wage Gap Continues to Widen.” [3] And last year the outlet also ran an article titled, “Trump is letting companies get away with paying women less than men.” [4]