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Vice News reported that “The Democratic Party Is Getting Crushed In Fundraising,” in a piece by writer Cameron Joseph.

“The Democratic National Committee is getting smoked by its GOP counterpart in fundraising — and some major Democrats are panicked it could hurt their chances at defeating President Trump next year.”

Joseph reported that “The DNC brought in just $22.9 million over the last three months including $9.5 million in June, according to a campaign finance report filed Saturday night with the Federal Election Commission. That’s less than half the Republican National Committee’s haul over the same time period: $51 million.

The 2016 race that fractured the Democratic Party could explain part of the fundraising lag, according to Joseph: “Small-dollar donors are rarely eager to give to a committee instead of a candidate — and the DNC’s perceived bias towards Clinton in the 2016 primaries badly damaged the DNC’s image. Democrats don’t have the White House, so they don’t have a fundraiser-in-chief, and a crowded presidential field is sucking up most donor attention and resources.”

However, Joseph did not mention that the RNC said that in the second quarter of 2019 fundraising, it received 725,000 individual donations online, with donors giving an average of $48. This level of small-donor enthusiasm is unprecedented in GOP politics, according to a committee official cited by The New York Times, which noted this was the first time the RNC attracted a larger share of donations under $200 than DNC.

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