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Younger journalists at The New York Times are having a difficult time with professional standards of reporting, with Vanity Fair reporting “palpable discomfort with the age-old rules governing the behavior of Opinion writers versus members of the newsroom.”

Vanity Fair reports of the Gray Lady’s newsroom:

“‘I’ve been feeling a lot lately like the newsroom is split into roughly the old-guard category, and the young and ‘woke’ category, and it’s easy to feel that the former group doesn’t take into account how much the future of the paper is predicated on the talent contained in the latter one,’ a Times employee in that latter group told me a couple months ago. ‘I know a lot of others at the paper with similar positions to mine, especially women and people of color, who feel that senior staff isn’t receptive to their concerns.’”

Rather than seeing the 2016 victory of Donald Trump as a time to understand and show independent, intellectual curiosity around the policy debates surrounding his rise, these younger Times journalists are instead bristling at management’s crackdown on journalists exposing their bias in social media.

Vanity Fair continues:

Within the newsroom, it can be difficult for members of this cohort to stomach, say, abiding by restrictions on what they can and cannot say on Twitter and Facebook (platforms that younger millennials were essentially born into), as mandated by an expanded social-media policy issued in October; or being told that participation in last year’s Women’s March was a no-no (which brings to mind Linda Greenhouse getting into trouble for attending a pro-choice march in 1989); or feeling comfortable with Baquet making an appearance at the same Financial Times conference as Steve Bannon last month. “The woke set was grossed out,” an insider told me.

The Vanity Fair reporting confirms what many conservatives have been saying about Times journalists: so many are unable to work without letting their bias impact their duty to report objectively.

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