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Recent Canadian media reported that presidential candidate Joe Biden’s nomination acceptance speech sounded suspiciously similar to a letter written by Jack Layton, the leader of Canada’s left-wing New Democratic Party.

While Canadians were reportedly outraged, mainstream media was relatively silent. American journalists may not have been familiar with Layton’s speech – but Biden’s speech should have drawn more scrutiny given his previous speeches.

Biden has a long history of allegedly plagiarizing speeches, which has also been rumored to have ruined his 1987 bid for president. Which is why it is so questionable that he received a pass from the media. 

Compare this to 2016, when the media had a frenzy over the assertion that first lady Melania Trump plagiarized her predecessor, Michelle Obama, in a speech. 

CNN, the New Yorker and the New York Times, among others, thoroughly covered the alleged misstep.

The New Yorker detailed the “three problems with Melania’s plagiarism and condescendingly wrote her off as “not being an academic.” CNN lamented that “no one is being fired” over the issue, and the New York Times wrote multiple articles, including one titled “By Russia’s standards, Melania would be a plagiarism amateur”. 

By those standards, what would Biden be?

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