Accuracy in Media

In a recent C-SPAN interview with President Donald Trump, the president said his biggest frustration two-and-a-half years into his first term has been the fake news that refuses to provide fair media coverage.

“I think the biggest frustration is the way the media covers me, the way the media covers perhaps this agenda, and I’m disappointed by it,” Trump said. “I’m very surprised by it. Generally, I think over my lifetime I’ve gotten pretty good press, and here, no matter how big a victory, they really cover it incorrectly. And you know, hence the term ‘fake news,’ etc. etc. I’d say that’s been somewhat of a disappointment.”

Despite the media’s biased coverage, Trump noted that the American public is perceptive of the slanted coverage, as found in research by Monmouth University,  repeated reports by Pew and others.

“When you do something and they report it incorrectly, and the problem is that I would know and the public wouldn’t, although I think the public – a lot of the public believes me when I say it,” Trump said. “So, I would know what happened and when they cover it knowing what I know, that they covered it incorrectly, that to me is fake news. And it’s unfortunate that it takes place, but it does and at a level that I wouldn’t be believed. And also with frequency, it’s pretty amazing, actually.”

Trump noted that he uses Twitter to reach the American people directly, instead of relying on the mainstream media.

“As soon as I do it, you put it on, everybody puts it on,” Trump continued. “It’s breaking news. Every time I put out a tweet even if it’s good morning everybody, they say we have breaking news, ‘The President has just said good morning.’ It’s an incredible way of communicating and you get it out fast. Otherwise, I mean – I don’t know, how would I combat news that’s dishonest? How would I combat a reporter or a network that’s totally dishonest? CNN is you know, 100 percent negative, NBC is negative.”

Trump said, in particular, he is disappointed by the mainstream media’s reporting on his success in delivering results for black Americans, a fact that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

“Because the press doesn’t put what I have accomplished for African-Americans. They really don’t. They don’t talk about criminal justice reform,” Trump said.

“I did it. It was hard to do too. I had to get people that really – I had to really twist arms. It was hard to get some of the people. And we got it. It’s – you know being hailed in certain — many people hail it, they talk about it, but they don’t even mention that I had anything to do with it. It couldn’t have happened without me. I was the one that was able to get it done. So if the press treated me fairly, I don’t want to complain. In the meantime, I’m president, right?

“So, you know how bad can it be? But the truth is, if I wasn’t able to get out my own message, it would — I would not be elected anything because the press is very unfair. Now, if the press did treat me fairly, I would have tremendous support from the African-American communities.”

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