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Trump Calls Out NBC News for Pardon Claims

President Donald Trump said NBC News was inaccurate in its reporting claiming that the president would offer pardons for breaking the law during their immigration enforcement.

“Another Fake Story on @NBCNews [1] that I offered Pardons to Homeland Security personnel in case they broke the law regarding illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Of course this is not true. Mainstream Media is corrupt and getting worse, if that is possible, every day!” the president tweeted.

“I never offered Pardons to Homeland Security Officials, never ordered anyone to close our Southern Border (although I have the absolute right to do so, and may if Mexico does not apprehend the illegals coming to our Border), and am not ‘frustrated.’ It is all Fake & Corrupt News!” the president also tweeted.

Trump was also critical of the New York Times for its immigration reporting on sanctuary cities:

“The New York Times Sanctuary Cities/Immigration story today was knowingly wrong on almost every fact. They never call to check for truth. Their sources often don’t even exist, a fraud. They will lie & cheat anyway possible to make me look bad. In 6 years they will be gone……..”