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In June 2017, Anthony Scaramucci was just another Trump hanger-on – ethically challenged, unqualified for his job, an embarrassment to the country as far as CNN was concerned. 

It had so little respect for Scaramucci that it ran a story based on one anonymous source that said both the Treasury Department and the Senate Intelligence Committee were investigating him over a meeting he reportedly took with the director general of a hedge fund controlled by the Russian government. 

Scaramucci threatened a $100 million lawsuit if the network didn’t retract the story; it went him one better and not only retracted it but fired the three people involved. 

Today, Scaramucci has become CNN’s expert on everything – well, everything wrong with President Trump. 

Scaramucci, who worked for Goldman Sachs before founding his own capital management firm, is an expert on Trump’s methods of persuasion. Asked by a CNN anchor whether he was surprised the president talked about having next year’s G-7 summit at his resort at Doral near the Miami airport. 

“He’s trying to bring that up again,” Scaramucci said. “That’s the president’s move is to try to create hyper-normalization. So if he says it now and people get anesthetized to it, maybe it could happen a year from now. So, I understand that move.” 

He is an expert on geopolitics. Continuing to riff on his hyper-normalization answer, Scaramucci said: “Listen, the last three days have been an unmitigated disaster for the president. He’s more or less been isolated by the other leaders. The French government brought in the Iranian foreign and finance ministers to discuss things without letting the president of the United States know.” 

Scaramucci continued to talk, and the anchor did not interrupt to point out the president said the Iranians were invited only after French president Emmanuel Macron asked his permission. 

Scaramucci then displayed his expertise on the thinking of the investment community. “Again, his America First strategy is becoming America Alone,” Scaramucci said. “There’s speculation on Wall Street that no calls took place with China last night. Nobody can verify that. The Chinese government is not verifying it.” 

He also is an expert on the president’s mental fitness for office. Asked by the CNN anchor about Trump reportedly saying he was having second thoughts about his trade war with China – the president says he did not hear the question, and the mismatch of his answer to the questions asked suggests this is correct, Scaramucci attacked. 

“Well, uh, just the lack of predictability is due to the president’s irrational emotional state right now,” said Scaramucci, who has not talked to the president in months. “I’ve been saying for weeks that he’s melting down at the core. A couple more weeks like this … I think it’s an unmitigated situation. You’ve got to get Republican leaders to come and say the truth now at some point. Just just … remember on Friday, he called President Xi [of China] the enemy of the United States, and he also said Jerome Powell was an enemy of the United States. And he was trying to determine on his Twitter feed which one was more of an enemy. 

“Then, he was saying something about President Xi being a wonderful leader today. We’re talking 70, 60 hours later. So it’s complete irrationality and the markets know this, and the markets have lost faith.” 

Scaramucci goes on to say the markets were down several hundred points “in the overnights,” during which CNN put up a graphic showing the performance of the overseas markets in which two of the six were up and the other four were down only narrowly. 

Seeing his narrative disputed on screen, Scaramucci said, “That caused some short covering, so the markets are up slightly right now.” 


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