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Last summer Accuracy in Media published two
blockbuster stories
about the case of Major Jill
Metzger, who claimed she was abducted and brutalized but somehow escaped from
her captors while on a deployment to a U.S.
military base in Kyrgyzstan
in September of 2006. But no hard evidence of her
claims ever turned up and other local sources suggested the abduction story was
designed to conceal the procurement of an abortion.

she returned to the U.S. and spent a year “on ice” at Moody Air Force Base in
Georgia, where Metzger did little work and was insulated from contact with
other service members by the top brass. “We were ordered not to talk to
her,” one sergeant told the website
 She was then “retired” and now draws the
equivalent of a military pension worth nearly $3,000 tax-free per month. 

is widely believed that Metzger, a feminist icon who had won two Air Force
marathons, received preferential treatment. Her father is a retired Air Force
colonel and her young husband, a captain, is a member of the dreaded OSI
(Office of Special Investigations).

U.S. Army Major Glenn MacDonald, editor-in-chief of,
comments, “She had only 12 years of active duty
service and was no way near eligible for a retirement pension. Now she gets the
equivalent of one because the top brass seem to be protecting
her. Why? What does she know that could compromise some top

Now that the Air Force’s top two officials have resigned in a case
involving the handling of nuclear weapons and material, there may be an
opportunity for Defense Secretary Robert Gates to get to the bottom of the
Metzger scandal. The two Air Force officials forced to resign were Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne
and Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley. But other top officials may go as
well, and one or more may be involved in possible wrongdoing in the Metzger

Setting the record straight and providing the
complete truth are not for the purpose of making
Metzger’s life any more miserable than it already is. Whatever happened, she
went through personal trauma. The issue is why she was protected and then retired
on a “disability” pension, supposedly because of post traumatic stress disorder
(PTSD), when veterans of the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan
who have suffered terrible life-threatening injuries have to fight the system
for even a small percentage of the benefits to which they are entitled.

By many accounts, the handling of the case has
hurt morale in the Armed Forces.

“It is outrageous that we have wounded and genuinely disabled
veterans coming home from the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan
who don’t begin to get a 100 percent ‘disability’ pension for PTSD that Jill
Metzger received after just 12 years of service,” MacDonald says. “We
can’t prove she lied and that her so-called condition
is just a way for her to be paid off and taken care of, but we do know that if
the top brass participated in a cover-up which included pension fraud, then
courts-martial should be convened and the truth finally told.”

MacDonald told us at the time that the favorable
treatment accorded Metzger was an outrage that reflects political correctness
and fear of feminism in the highest reaches of the Pentagon. But Defense
Secretary Gates can now begin to correct this problem.

“We have heard from hundreds of Air Force personnel who are
disgusted by the failure of their military leaders to tell them what really
happened in the Metzger case,” MacDonald added. “They feel a double-standard is
in effect and that Metzger is the last person to deserve a lucrative
‘disability’ pension. Morale has been adversely affected by this
suspicious silence, and only now, with the firing of the much-disliked Gen.
Moseley, is there any hope that things will get better soon.”

As Accuracy in Media has documented, however, the major media have
shied away from the case, apparently because it involved a feminist military
officer and top Air Force officials had discouraged the media from probing

“Despite the failure of the mainstream media to follow up on this
story, and the ‘hear-no-evil, see-no-evil’ stance of establishment publications
like Air Force Times, we promise you will stay with this
case until we obtain information that proves the ‘abduction’ story is either
true or a despicable deception and lie. That is why we have offered $100,000 to obtain the proof in the form of documents needed to
settle this case once and for all. It is very unfortunate that we have to
go to that length to get to the bottom of this case,” MacDonald said.

“One would hope that some senator or congressman would dare to
initiate an investigation and demand the truth. But even the appearance of
offending the feminists and females in the military scares most politicians
into silence. We will not be intimidated,” MacDonald vowed.

If the story about escaping her abductors is true, MacDonald
notes, the Air Force should award her a high decoration. After all, she claims
to have escaped and run barefoot for 30 miles to freedom. But there has been no
medal and no official statement. Silence and stonewall have greeted
requests for the results of official investigations.

And if she was abducted, MacDonald and others asked, why did she
eventually surface with her hair cut short and dyed black? What’s more, she
“escaped” wearing her wedding ring on her finger after three days of abduction
when thugs would have been expected to have taken it off.  

MacDonald, whose popular site gets over two million hits a month worldwide, says the
recent firings of top Air Force leaders may inadvertently serve as a means to
undo the “cover-up” the major feels has been in place to protect a
pampered female officer who many suspect was less than truthful about her
so-called “abduction.” has offered Metzger all the space she wants
on its website to tell her side of the story, “but all we get from her is
silence,” MacDonald says.

said it is time the Air Force came clean:  “We hope this isn’t a case of
pension fraud and favoritism facilitated by top generals. However, if
military regulations were violated and crimes committed here, those responsible
should be court-martialed no matter what their rank or who they are.”

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