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The Hill Pushes False Ted Cruz Comments on Twitter

The office of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) corrected the record when The Hill put out an inaccurate Tweet about Cruz’s position.

“Sen. Ted Cruz [1] (R-Texas) on Saturday called for director James Gunn to be prosecuted if his old tweets joking about pedophilia and rape are true. Gunn was fired from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ by Disney Studios after far-right activists unearthed the old comments. Cruz, who formerly served as solicitor general of Texas, called the tweets ‘just horrible,’” The Hill reported.

In a tweet from The Hill [2], the newspaper incorrectly characterized Cruz’s sentiment: “Ted Cruz: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director should be prosecuted for offensive tweets,” the newspaper Tweeted, with a link [3] to its article titled “Cruz: ‘I’m glad’ Disney fired James Gunn over ‘horrible’ tweets.”

Catherine Frazier, a spokeswoman for Sen. Cruz called out The Hill’s inaccurate Tweet. 

Frazier’s link was to Sen. Cruz’s original Tweet [7]: “Wow. These #JamesGunn [8] tweets are just horrible. Child rape is no laughing matter. As Texas SG, I handled far too many child sexual assaults. Truly evil.  I’m glad Disney fired him, but if these tweets are true, he needs to be prosecuted.”

The Hill’s actual story told the correct context, showing a disconnect between the website and social media.

The website reported: “Cruz later clarified that he meant Gunn should be prosecuted if there is evidence that he engaged in rape or pedophilia, not that he should be prosecuted for the tweets. ‘Several tweets refer directly to his having had sex w/ kids,’ Cruz wrote in a later tweet [9]. ‘If someone tweets confessing to a crime (repeatedly), it should be investigated. If he’s telling the truth—if he has in fact molested young children—then he should be prosecuted.’ Cruz went on to defend his call for prosecution. ‘Yes, his speech is protected, but any criminal actions are not,’ he added in another tweet [10]. ‘If he’s telling the truth — if he has in fact molested young children — then he should be prosecuted. Now.’”