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The Fake “Conservatives” in Britain

Guess which political party is dedicated to funding “the training of an army of independent community organizers to help people establish and run neighborhood groups?” It’s the British Conservative Party.

This “conservative” movement has actually adopted the idea of creating a “Big Society” as an alternative to Big Government.

Making a complete mockery of the term “conservative,” the British Conservative Party also wants [1]:

In reports on the upcoming May 6 British election, our media are referring to the dwindling prospects for victory of the “center-right” British Conservative Party. But this party is on the left, in terms of many domestic, social, and foreign policy issues, and is not “conservative” in any traditional sense. It offers voters very little alternative to the competing leftist parties.

This is a warning of what happens when traditional conservatism is watered down and loses its appeal and meaning. This will continue to happen to the Republican Party if it continues to ignore the “values voters,” caters to socially “progressive” libertarians, and spends money on such things as lesbian dancers at strip clubs such as Voyeur [2] in West Hollywood, California.  

Except for some talk about making bureaucracy more efficient, the British Conservative Party has become a laughingstock in terms of promoting limited government. What’s more, it has moved far to the left in order to attract votes from the sexually different. 

A story on the British Conservative Party website, “Conservatives Champion Gay Equality,” says [3], “Under the leadership of David Cameron, the British Conservative Party has gone further in supporting gay equality than other centre-right parties in similar countries and the Party is now taking the case for greater equality to America, in particular highlighting the benefits of civil partnerships. [Nick] Herbert discussed the issue on the [British] Today programme, and is due to give a speech at the Cato Institute in Washington D.C. on the theme.”

Herbert, who is openly homosexual, is the Conservative Party Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. He “married” his boyfriend last year.

Herbert said in the speech at Cato, a major libertarian think tank in the U.S., that “I’m especially honored to be sharing a platform with one of Britain’s most valuable exports, Andrew Sullivan.”

Keep in mind that Andrew Sullivan, who is HIV-positive, was caught soliciting so-called “bare-backing sex”-unprotected anal intercourse-with other homosexuals. This revelation, however, hasn’t hurt his marketability on the liberal talk show circuit, especially the Chris Matthews show. Sullivan, who sometimes calls himself a “gay conservative,” has since “married” another man.

At Cato, Herbert said he looked forward to the day when “the Prime Minister of the UK or the President of the United States could just as easily be gay as black.”

He declared [4] that homosexuality “isn’t a condition to be cured and it can’t be willed away through prayer.” In fact, however, homosexuality can be cured or changed through secular therapy, ministries, and other methods. That is why the group, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays [5], exists. 

The Cato Institute is the preferred vehicle for insinuating such “values” as homosexuality into the conservative movement and the Republican Party here. Cato is also militantly pro-marijuana.

Cameron, Conservative Party leader and candidate for Prime Minister in the May 6 election, says [6] he is not only pleased that the age of consent for gay men was reduced from 21 to 18 in 1994 and to 16 in 2000, but believes that criminal convictions related to past homosexual activity should be expunged from one’s personal records.

Here are some other recent gems from Cameron:

The reference to “gay hatred” is designed to justify government repression of those with anti-homosexual views.

Cameron is so desperate for gay votes that he gave an interview to a British publication known as Gay Times, which advertises “gay escorts” and “the hottest hardest online gay movies.” He also announced that he will send Herbert to Poland to try to convince Polish Catholic politicians to tone down their opposition to homosexuality.

Sounding like Obama’s “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings, who promoted homosexuality in schools before getting his administration job, Cameron told a British publication called “Pink News [7]”  that he wants to give teachers “the tools” they need to deal with prejudicial attitudes such as “homophobia” in the schools. He also declared:

Branching into other areas, the British Conservative Party favors:

There is a section in the party’s “Conservative Manifesto 2010” that calls for “One World Conservatism,” including a commitment to fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations by spending more on foreign aid.

It happens to be the same goal as that of the “progressive” Obama Administration.

Over at the conservative Weekly Standard, Adam Brickley wrote ominously about the rise of Nicholas Clegg of the British Liberal Democrat Party, who is running against Cameron and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the Labor Party. “Obviously, he wrote [8], “many U.S. conservatives were looking forward to what was once thought to be a near-certain victory for Cameron-ending 13 years of Labour governance and handing the country back to the party of Margaret Thatcher.”

“Despite reports to the contrary, Clegg is no ‘centrist,'” Brickley writes. The other contender, Brown, is a socialist pushing a global tax.

Well, despite reports to the contrary, Cameron is no conservative.

Brickley seems to concede this, eventually noting that the “moderate” Cameron would likely resign if the Conservative Party loses the election and “more conservative leadership” could then take over. But the term “moderate” doesn’t accurately capture the radicalism of the phony conservative David Cameron and his gay followers such as Nick Herbert.