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What’s the latest summer trend? According to Teen Vogue, it’s Marxism. 

On June 17, Teen Vogue republished an article from 2018 headlined, “Who Is Karl Marx: Meet the Anti-Capitalist Scholar.”

This isn’t unusual for the magazine, which has repeatedly published articles advocating left-leaning policies. 

The article does not acknowledge the millions of lives lost at the hands of Marx’s ideology. Instead, it claims that his Communist Manifesto “later inspired millions of people to resist oppressive political leaders and spark political revolutions all over the world.”

The article continues on to say that “his writings have inspired social movements in Soviet  Russia, China, Cuba, Argentina, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and more.” 

They neglect to mention the disastrous consequences in many of these countries, including death, imprisonment and environmental destruction. 

The article includes an interview with defamed former professor George Ciccariello-Maher, who got in hot water when he tweeted a wish for ‘white genocide’ for Christmas. This clearly wasn’t disqualifying for a Teen Vogue interviewee.

This article is not an isolated event. A quick search for the word ‘socialism’ on their website brings up titles such as “Democratic Socialism, Explained,” “9 YDSA Members Explain What Socialism Means to Them,” “Socialism Is the Answer to Corporate ‘Girl Boss’ Feminism,” “Socialist Policies Could Have Made a Huge Difference During This Pandemic.” 

A search for capitalism brings up titles such as “SoulCycle Owner’s Support for Trump Shows How Capitalism Makes Us All Complicit,” “How I Can Critique Capitalism — Even On an iPhone,” “Everything You Need to Know About Capitalism,” and “The Coronavirus Pandemic Demonstrates the Failures of Capitalism.”

The ratio of politically right-leaning to politically left-leaning articles on the site is clearly lopsided. It would be one thing if the magazine was just attempting to expose their young readers to different ideologies and ideas, but it’s clear that it is trying to shape its readers’ politics. 

When asked in 2017 why the magazine has moved away from its initial content – fashion must-haves, makeup and celebrities — Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth said,I think the readers that we reach would all consider themselves activists.” 

Teen Vogue is clearly trying to mold its young readers into left-wing activists in publishing articles praising socialism and communism, using the magazine to take advantage of impressionable teens and preteens. 


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