Accuracy in Media

Teen Vogue makes an interesting argument. Interesting in that it’s a bad one even as it is straight from the revolutionary handbook – no, really.

The argument made is that financial literacy is all very good. Even classes on financial literacy for poorer people are a good enough idea because why wouldn’t knowing more be a good thing? Except, or but – and there’s always a but, isn’t there?

But the real reason there are problems in the world is because of capitalism. So, what should really be done is that we all “prioritize fighting in solidarity with each other.” End the system that causes the problems, don’t treat the symptoms of the problem directly, that is.

There is a certain problem with this idea which is that it was a part of a certain revolutionary socialist line of thought last century. Not just that it’s difficult to treat or alleviate poverty, but that we shouldn’t even try. For the greater the immiseration of the proletariat then the more they will revolt, seize power and pave the way for true communism.

Yes, we know, but that is the way certain revolutionaries both talk and think. To the extent that some even welcomed wars and depressions because they made that revolution more likely – as did actually happen in 1917. Not that that solved any of those problems of poverty but the revolutionaries were happy.

Teen Vogue prides itself on “educating the influencers of tomorrow.” It gains some 5 million visits a month and while the site ranking in news is around the 500 mark it’s obviously higher than that in the target demographic of teenage girls.

The thing is, we know that teenage girls are impressionable – there’s no explaining boy bands without acknowledging that. But who knew that Teen Vogue was trying to impress them with the tenets of revolutionary socialism? Don’t worry the small stuff, don’t alleviate minor problems, work for the revolution instead, Comrade!

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