Accuracy in Media

The word “insurrection” has become the newest codeword for “a gathering I don’t ideologically agree with.” From the January 6, 2021, riot, and now the trucker protests in Ottawa, media outlets such as Teen Vogue flock to the word “insurrection”.

In “Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” Trucker Protests Aren’t About Freedom,” a Teen Vogue writer argues that the truckers’ demonstration has been “aptly reframed as an occupation and an insurrection”. By definition, the word insurrection means “a usually violent attempt to take control of a government.” While the Canadian protests are against the government, they are anything but a violent coup attempt. Every protest, especially ones as large as the convoy is bound to have disputes and altercations mixed in, however, this does not define the entire protest as a “violent” event.

The article then alleges that “this protest is not about truckers’ supposed freedom — it’s not even about truckers, really: nearly 90% of truck drivers are fully vaccinated.”

This is where media outlets get it wrong. 

The convoy itself set off to establish a presence against a vaccine mandate, not the vaccine itself. People can be fully vaccinated, and still believe in having a choice to get the vaccine, rather than the government forcing it via mandate. 

Throwing the word “insurrection” around at undeserving events is a blatant fear-mongering tactic, to discredit any movement that is ideologically different. Teen Vogue actively promotes misinformation by condemning the Freedom Convoy as something it’s not.

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