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A comic book illustrator reported that the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter de-platformed him after the tech giant reportedly claimed that the violent, criminal gang MS-13 belongs to “marginalized groups.”

Kickstarters’ denial of comic book creator Mike S. Miller’s crowdfunding campaign for his latest comic book, which portrays a Captain America-type hero defeating MS-13 gang members while saving an innocent woman from assault by the gang.

Kickstarter reportedly wrote a letter to Miller saying “We’ve carefully reviewed it against our Rules, and we’re unable to approve it to launch. As a Public Benefit Corporation committed to fighting inequality and creating a more equitable world, Kickstarter does not allow discrimination, subjugation, or intolerance towards marginalized groups.”

Miller wrote back: “Hey team @kickstarter, it’s nice to see that you consider MS13 a ‘marginalized group’, since that’s the only people who were being ‘subjugated’ in the artwork I provided … More wokeness from the tech companies on display.”

“Kickstarter’s decision in the name of protecting MS-13 is quite unbelievable,” reported Robert Romano, vice president of public policy at Americans for Limited Government. “The Justice Department recently published a 90-page briefing on MS-13, a brutal Central American street gang, and its acts of violence, sexual assault, drug and human trafficking, ‘MS-13 in the Americas: How the World’s Most Notorious Gang Defies Logic, Resists Destruction.

According to the Justice Department paper, the gang views itself as being in a ‘constant state of war’: ‘Violence is a major part of the glue that binds the MS-13. It is part of every stage of an MS-13 member’s life: potential members commit violent acts to be considered for membership and ultimately to gain entry; they are beaten into the gang in a ritual that has left more than one permanently scarred; they move up the gang ladder by ‘putting in the work’ and showing ‘commitment,’ euphemisms for committing violent acts in the name of the gang. Its rivalry with the Barrio 18 means the MS-13 is in a constant state of war … In the MS-13, all members must do ‘missions,’ and during a mission, all members must participate. In some cases, this means repeatedly hacking a victim with a machete. Refusal means almost certain death since the member or aspiring member is a potential witness. The weapon of choice frequently is a knife, a machete or a baseball bat. The gang’s murder victims have signs of repeated blows and stab wounds, and are sometimes partially or completely dismembered. The authorities that inspected a scene in Long Island where two teenage girls were killed in 2016 with baseball bats, for example, told InSight Crime the victims looked like they had been run over by a car.”

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