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TBS, which is owned by CNN parent company Time Warner, has yet to discipline comedian Samantha Bee for calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c***.”

The lack of movement against Bee continues a longstanding pattern of cultural gatekeepers penalizing conservatives, or people supporting Republicans, for their offensive statements. CNN Opinion published my analysis on this double standard; below is an excerpt:

“Bee isn’t the only one getting a pass for attacks on conservatives or conservative ideology. The odious ‘humor’ from comedian Michelle Wolf, who casually joked about taking innocent life through abortion at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (a far cry from the old-school liberal mantra for trying to keep abortions “safe, legal and rare”) along with a host of other raunchy insults, simply served as a launching pad for her new Netflix show.

“ABC, the same network that canceled “Roseanne,” allowed anti-Trump Joy Behar to keep her job after saying Christians who believe Jesus speaks to them are mentally ill, which belittles the idea of Christian prayer. In the minds of ABC execs, it appears that some religious bigotry is allowed if you’re criticizing the Trump family or Christian politicians as part of your drumbeat.

“Similarly, HBO executives keep Democratic donor Bill Maher on the payroll despite his use of the n-word on air, for which he apologized, and reportedly calling Sarah Palin a c***, which he responded to by saying, “If I hurt somebody’s feelings, I’m always sorry about that. I’m not trying to hurt somebody’s feelings. But if you want me to say, ‘I’m sorry what I said was wrong,’ no, sorry I can’t go there.”

“Record labels and tech platforms still help Jay-Z monetize his wares despite his misogynistic lyrics that objectify and dehumanize women. It’s an emblem of the Hollywood hypocrisy — Jay-Z performed on stage for Hillary Clinton, a candidate who campaigned on female empowerment.”

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