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If Nathan Tabor’s new book The Beast on the East River: The UN Threat to America’s Sovereignty and Security doesn’t alarm or even scare you, then you are probably on the payroll of the world body or the UN Correspondents Association.  

Tabor’s book is a warning to American patriots of the UN’s hidden agenda: the creation of a Godless, global socialism, and a New World Order of UN global control. Tabor’s book is a must read for anyone concerned about the increasing secular tide of the country, the loss of American independence, our declining education system, the financial burden placed on U.S. taxpayers to fund the UN, the increasing use of U.S. troops fighting under a UN banner, and how our own leaders, including the last three Presidents, have increased the power of the world body.

Tabor is blunt when discussing the failures and corruption that have taken over the world body: “What strikes me as most ironic about the UN is the fact that this thoroughly corrupt organization has the audacity to hold itself up as the moral authority for the rest of the world. The UN purports to support and even guarantee universal human rights for all mankind, but in reality it betrays, exploits, and victimizes those very people whom it most solemnly pledges to protect.” 

To become a global government, which is the ultimate threat, the UN must add to its already vast power and influence beyond the original purpose of the organization as a voluntary association of sovereign nations. There are three steps before the UN can become a world government. First, the UN needs a permanent source of income so that it will no longer rely on contributions from individual nation-states. Second, the UN needs to have its own judicial system to replace the settled and customary laws of individual nations. Finally, the UN needs to build its own separate and independent military. 

Currently the UN has no source of independent funding. That could begin to come about through passage of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), now before the Senate and backed by the Bush Administration, which mandates a global tax on corporations which mine ocean resources. On the second point, many people do not realize that the UN already uses the International Criminal Court (ICC) and various ad hoc tribunals to investigate and prosecute various crimes. The fear is that American citizens could be put on trial before the ICC without the protections of the Bill of Rights. Third, the UN currently has about 100,000 troops on “peacekeeping” missions. But once it has a significant form of revenue, generated by global taxes, it can expand this force into a standing army. If present trends continue, it is not an exaggeration to say that the UN could become a world government and a dangerous threat not only to U.S. influence but our own citizens. 

All of this happens in steps as part of a gradual process. Tabor explains that “The history of the UN is a case study in the Leninist doctrine of gradualism, where large accumulated gains are the result of many small incremental advances over time.” The threat is real and immediate. 

The tragedy is that our own leaders buy into this process. On September 11, 1990, then President George H.W. Bush spoke before the Congress and announced the birth of a “New World Order” as the U.S. mobilized for the expulsion of Iraqi troops from Kuwait through Operation Desert Shield. In March 1991, Bush addressed Congress and proclaimed victory in the Gulf War, adding, “Now we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is a very real possibility of a New World Order?A world where the United Nations?is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders?The Gulf War put this New World Order to its first test. And my fellow Americans, we passed that test.”

Needless to say, this “New World Order” did not prevent the rise, once again, of Saddam Hussein. This time, another President Bush, the son, ordered the invasion of Iraq without specific advance U.N. approval. Still, the George W. Bush Administration currently seems determined to rely on the UN to solve problems in North Korea and Iran. What’s more, despite a Bush campaign promise not to put U.S. troops under UN command, American soldiers have been ordered under the Bush Administration to wear the UN blue beret and report to foreign commanders in places like Kosovo.

Not only are our leaders and leftist elites at fault for relying on the UN and trying to bring about their own version of a New World Order, but children are being targeted as foot soldiers in this process. Tabor says that the UN is actively recruiting educators to achieve its ultimate goal of global governance through “the subtle indoctrination of our children over time through the outcome-based educational system, a process of dumbing-down and mental conditioning designed to make people think of themselves as citizens of the world rather than patriots of any one nation.” The UN is working hard to “reshape the thinking of every person on the planet and to bring their mental attitudes into line with its global standards on political correctness, conformity, and obedience.”

Tabor quotes from one UN publication which states that in order to re-educate and indoctrinate American school children into thinking of themselves as global citizens rather than nationalistic patriots, the UN must eradicate “the poisoned air of nationalism.” And America’s teachers are complying with the UN wishes of dumbed-down students as a means to advance the UN’s globalist agenda. The UN and the National Education Association have encouraged teachers to combat and correct parents’ “negative influences upon their children” with “state-approved, politically correct attitudes.” According to Tabor, the UN’s greatest challenge is “to overcome the deep-seated attitudes of self-reliance, individualism, and independence that have permeated American thought and culture for generations.” 

Tabor’s book does offer hope to those who still believe in American sovereignty: “The UN cannot possibly achieve its globalist goals without the active cooperation of the United States of America. In fact, were the United States merely to withhold its annual funding, the UN would soon face bankruptcy, or irrelevance, or both.” It is not too late, and a U.N.-dominated New World Order can still be prevented-if U.S. officials will only cut funding for the world body. 

Tabor sums it up: “The UN and its supporters both desire and intend ultimately to transform the organization from being merely a voluntary forum of peace-loving nations into a sovereign supernational world government. It seeks to usurp absolute legal and political authority over sovereign nations of the world and to acquire irresistible military power?the UN has demonstrated repeatedly that its overall attitude is hostile to American interests? (and) the totalitarian global agenda that the UN seeks to advance is inherently evil.” 

The only hope, Tabor says, is for “elected officials to do their jobs and protect America’s interests?either we boldly assert and preserve the national sovereignty of our free country, or we accept the ascension and inevitable authority of the world government over us.” That may be harder to do now that liberal Democrats with a pro-U.N. bent have taken control of both houses of Congress. 

Nevertheless, it is time for America to wake up to the dangers posed by the UN to American sovereignty and nationalism. Nathan Tabor’s new book is that wake-up call.

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