Accuracy in Media

The mainstream media played favorites in the past, and continued to do so in the present. One such example is former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who lost to Republican Brian Kemp in the 2018 elections. Abrams did not concede to Kemp and claimed that Kemp suppressed votes in order to win, as he was also serving as Georgia’s secretary of state and would allegedly be in a position to do so.

NBC News profiled Abrams in a recent article, headlined, “As the Democratic debate draws attention to Georgia, Stacey Abrams fights for voters’ rights,” and portrayed Abrams as a fighter for voting rights. Abrams flirted with the idea of running for a Senate seat in Georgia, in addition to running for president in 2020, but decided to remain out of national politics.

Instead, Abrams is using a political action committee (PAC), Fair Fight, to combat voter suppression in Georgia and across the United States.  Fair Fight, according to Abrams, was formed to “educate voters about their rights” and to elect Democratic candidates, including a Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

Abrams’s claims about voter suppression were based on Georgia’s announcement to remove over 315,000 eligible voters from its voting rolls. Those voters had not been active voters as of late, which Abrams found offensive and discriminatory. She claimed that in the 2018 election, the state of Georgia made it difficult for young and minority voters to exercise their right to vote by closing polling locations, moving polling locations to police departments, purging voter rolls due to inactivity, and miscounting absentee ballots.

However, NBC News did not push back against Abrams’s claims and only said that Kemp and his campaign “denied intentional voter suppression.”

NBC News appeared to run with Abrams’s side of the story, without verifying whether her claims about voter suppression were true. It would be easy to find evidence of changing polling locations and absentee miscounts, but no such evidence was included in the article.

It is a serious charge for a candidate to claim there is voter suppression, as Abrams has claimed since 2018. NBC News should investigate her claims and not accept it as truth, in order to give the American public a truthful picture of whether voter suppression is a real threat to American democracy.

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