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Sportswriter Peter King Hands Political Commentary to Sports Fans

As sports journalists go, Peter King is one of the best. He does not write about politics – he covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated, and his Monday Morning Quarterback column is one of the most anticipated reads of the week for football fans.

Aside from a video posted with this week’s column, King turned overreacting to the events of last weekend to the fans [1].

He pointed to the remarks of Josh Norman, a member of the Washington Redskins, after their victory over Oakland on Sunday night.“Am I an American? Am I really free?” that it “was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard a player say in a postgame news conference.”

“Am I an American? Am I really free?” Norman asked. King wrote it “was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard a player say in a postgame news conference.”

For the most part, he posted the comments of fans, who gave him and America an earful of what they think of the protests.

“I think I speak for a large group,” wrote someone identified as Michael Peters. “I have 18 stations of 24-hour news. I have a bazillion political websites and talk shows. They are all angry and opinionated. Good for them. I watch when I need to. Sunday is my escape. Sports are entertainment. I need a break from all that anger and yelling and name-calling. Now, it permeates my escape.”

Richard Watson of Greenville, S.C., wrote, “I know there is a lot of social injustice in the world and the USA might lead the way in this, but it was nice to able to watch a game without any of this involved. Yesterday was the first Sunday I didn’t watch a minute of football since before Nixon. Don’t plan on watching anymore.”

Another fan, James from Akron, wrote, “First Amendment or not, the flag and the anthem are for honoring the fallen and those who serve. Simple as that. I will never watch an NFL game again. I will never spend a dime in the NFL. And I will be forever heartbroken on Sundays.”

Another, Ed Clayton, wrote: “I never thought I would be forced to choose between my love of pro football and fidelity to the patriotic traditions I was raised on, but now that it comes to that, it’s a very easy choice. The NFL loses.”

“As of this moment, I’m boycotting all things NFL and by association this website, until I hear that owners and players have come to their senses,” wrote Todd Greene of San Diego. “If they want to protest racism in this country, there has to be a better way than dissing the flag and all that fought for the freedoms we enjoy. Huzzah to President Trump. A pox on Commissioner Goodell and the NFL owners. The NFL will have one less viewer and reader this season.”

President Trump has endured a lot of criticism for his remarks last Friday urging owners to fire players who did not stand for the national anthem. It looks as if Trump has his finger on the pulse of America more closely than his critics.

There was a lot of pressure after this avalanche of statements began – the Giants were first, Ted York of the 49ers was second – then, people began to question why the others didn’t make one.

This was an uncomfortable topic for people all over the country who were members of the establishment.