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Spicer Calls Out Media Double Standard Amid Shutdown

Former White House spokesman Sean Spicer called out the double standard the mainstream media has had against the Trump administration’s efforts to secure the border, despite Democratic intransigence around the government shutdown.

Many outlets have laid sole blame for the shutdown at the feet of the president, who remained in Washington to work over the Christmas holidays even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vacationed in Hawaii.

Spicer tweeted [1]: “if 30 @GOP [2] members of Congress were hanging at the beach during a partial shutdown with lobbyists the media would be going nuts — aside from the @dcexaminer [3] the MSM has been silent and complicit.”

Spicer was responding to a tweet by Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman for the Republican Party, who tweeted [4]: “While @realDonaldTrump [5] is in DC working to resolve the government shutdown and secure our border, Democrats are hitting the beach and partying with lobbyists.”

As Paul Bedard from the Washington Examiner reported about the Democratic beach romp, [6] “Some 30 Democratic lawmakers left the government shutdown [7] behind Friday on a chartered flight to Puerto Rico for a winter retreat with 109 lobbyists and corporate executives during which they planned to see the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” and attend three parties including one with the show’s cast. Those attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC winter retreat in San Juan planned to meet with key officials to discuss the cleanup after Hurricane Maria at a roundtable Saturday. But the weekend is packed with free time for the members and their families on the trip.”

The split screen of beach partying by Democratic members of Congress while Trump remains in Washington (after traveling to the border last week) no doubt has led to a growing number of Americans supporting the building a wall — a nearly 10 point increase since January 2018, according to ABC News. [8]