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Soros Buys Another Politician

Political observers knew that Barack Obama was for real as a presidential candidate when Democratic Party money-bags George Soros took an interest in him. But Soros has also purchased the services of other candidates. One of them, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, is currently trying to strong-arm state legislators into passing a Soros-backed “medical marijuana” bill. Records show [1] that Richardson took $50,000 from Soros and a Soros front group during his re-election campaign for governor.

Referring to Soros’ $26 million campaign to defeat President Bush in 2004 and his financial backing for Richardson, now a presidential candidate, anti-drug activist Steven Steiner comments, “Soros almost bought the White House in 2004. Now he is buying a presidential candidate.” Steiner runs Americans for Drug Free Youth.

Despite what you read or see in the major media, the idea of “medical marijuana” is a hoax, acknowledged by those on the inside of the movement, who admit [2] that it is a carefully orchestrated step down the road to complete legalization of dope. In California, the first of 12 states to allow sales of “medical marijuana,” pot “clinics” have been raided by federal agents and exposed [3] as massive drug-trafficking operations. The owner of one “clinic” was writing checks to himself for about $10,000 a week and had deposited $2.3 million in a bank account over just an eight-month period. There are said to be about 400 of these pot “clinics” statewide.

The city of Adelanto, California reports [4] that its “medical marijuana dispensaries” have become magnets for muggings, illegal drug sales nearby, burglaries and other crimes. Meanwhile, doctors have been caught [5] prescribing marijuana to high school students for health “problems” like stress and sleeplessness.

This doesn’t seem to matter to Soros, who has been backing “medical marijuana” initiatives for years. But it is surprising that Governor Richardson would push one of Soros’s initiatives so brazenly, knowing that the campaign could expose his ties to Soros and create the public impression that he is a puppet of the billionaire “philanthropist.”

Anti-drug activists are livid, having defeated the bill in the New Mexico House last week, only to see Richardson try to revive it. Time is of the essence because the legislative session ends on Saturday. The El Paso Times quoted Reena Szczepanski of the Drug Policy Alliance of New Mexico as saying, “I still believe we can get it through. I don’t think this is a long shot by any means.”

Szczepanski’s group is the state offshoot of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), a group funded by Soros in order to repeal the nation’s laws against illegal drug use. The DPA includes such figures as Soros, Walter Cronkite, Arianna Huffington, and Ram Dass on its board. Ram Dass [6], also known as Richard Alpert, achieved notoriety for experiments with LSD before becoming a mystic by studying yoga and meditation. Huffington, now known for the website that bears her rich ex-husband’s name, is also associated with the New Age movement, having been a follower [7] of guru John-Rogers and his Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness [8].

The Drug Policy Alliance and its New Mexico branch are affiliated with the Drug Policy Alliance Network, which gave Richardson $25,000. That was in addition to the $25,000 given to Richardson by Soros personally.

But it turns out that Richardson isn’t the only New Mexico politician doing Soros’s bidding. New Mexico’s Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman arranged [9] for the Drug Policy Alliance of New Mexico to get almost $500,000 in federal funds, supposedly to educate the public about the dangers of methamphetamine. It seems strange, to say the least, that a group promoting acceptance of illegal drugs should be getting federal money to fight them. Indeed, during the 2006 legislative session in New Mexico, the Drug Policy Alliance boasted [10] about fighting bills “that would have increased sentences for people convicted of methamphetamine possession.” The group opposes “locking people up” when they violate the drug laws.

Although marijuana continues to be portrayed by media outlets as a “soft” drug, horrendous crimes have been associated with its use. In Richardson’s New Mexico last year, 16-year-old Cody Posey, a marijuana user, was convicted of killing his entire family on a ranch owned by media personality Sam Donaldson. Posey, who has even been caught smoking marijuana at school, had shot his father, stepmother and stepsister in their heads. On the stand during the trial, Posey also acknowledged using LSD at the age of 10.

The Drug Policy Alliance, however, considers marijuana to be relatively harmless and recommends “the elimination of criminal sanctions for consumption-related offenses.” It supported the “Compassionate Use Act,” the measure that passed in California, supposedly to make marijuana available to “sick and dying patients,” but which has led to more drug trafficking, more crime, and more use of marijuana by young people.

Ignoring the burgeoning scandal of “medical marijuana” in California, Bill Richardson’s aggressive service on behalf of the Soros agenda suggests that he is anxious to get a position on the Democratic ticket in 2008. He is clearly counting on the media to keep his Soros connection secret.