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It should come as no surprise to learn that Big Tech backs Joe Biden. In the heat of the presidential campaign, when the New York Post broke the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, both Facebook and Twitter censored sharing of the article. Twitter locked the New York Post’s account for a full two weeks. 


Many have argued that these were clear attempts to black out any negative news for Biden in an attempt to get him elected. Now, it would appear that Silicon Valley is being rewarded for its efforts.


Matt Stoller of the American Economic Liberties Project recently reported that Biden’s transition team had “quietly” tapped four Facebook and Google employees to join its ranks. All four will “continue to work at their companies while on the transition administration.”



In addition to the revolving door between Team Biden and Big Tech, there’s also a well-trod thoroughfare between Democrat administrations and mainstream media outlets.


In May of 2019, NowThis News hired Priyanka Mantha as its director of communications. Mantha previously served in the same position for Stacey Abrams and as Georgia Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton. Abrams was a leading campaigner for Joe Biden and was considered a frontrunner for Biden’s VP pick before he ultimately selected Kamala Harris. 


Since the November election, Biden has tapped a number of MSNBC and CNN contributors to join his team. CNN’s Antony Blinken was nominated for secretary of state. Interestingly, nowhere in CNN’s own glowing article covering the nomination did they mention that Blinken worked for them. Another former CNN contributor, Jen Psaki, was selected as the transition team’s senior adviser.


Several NBC News and MSNBC analysts will also join Biden in the White House. 

Ezekiel Emanuel, who served as a medical contributor, will assist in Biden’s Covid-19 response. Barbara McQuade, another MSNBC regular, joined Biden’s transition team as a member of the Judicial Department review team.


Richard Stengel, also of MSNBC, serves as “Team Lead” for the U.S. Agency for Global Media. In 2019, Stengel penned an op-ed for the Washington Post arguing for a crack-down on free speech. Of course, MSNBC is no stranger to promoting fans of censorship. Earlier this month, Accuracy in Media reported about how Columbia University’s Dean of Journalism appeared on MSNBC to argue in favor of reining in freedom of speech among the press. 


Today, Biden announced even more additions to his team, including Amanda Finney as chief of staff to the press office and special assistant to the press secretary. Previously, Finney worked in marketing and communications for Microsoft



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