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Our videos are showing that the education bureaucracy – the woke in charge of the school districts – is damaging our children. That’s obvious enough but what matters is how many others hear that message and then what is done about it.  Whether it’s Cincinnati school district, or Upper Arlington, what parents are getting angry about isn’t the point. What the point is is, well, where do we go from here?

We have evidence that the bureaucracy is going to teach what the bureaucracy wants to teach and dang what anyone else desires. If the legislature says don’t teach CRT, then it’s renamed to diversity and equity, if that’s ruled out then the same concepts are just renamed social and emotional learning.  We have, that is, a dysfunctional school management system for democracy. Democracy does mean that we voters, that legislature, get to decide and not the public servants in the middle. We decide, they do, that’s how it works.

Or that’s how it should work but not how it does work. As we’ve said before there’s no point in just trying to change who the public servants are. That just leaves that political power right there in the hands of some other people. What’s needed is to root out and destroy that position of power.

The way to do this is through school choice. The whole and entire point of this is that there is no central bureaucracy which determines how everything is taught at each school. This brings us the joy of being free of the teachers’ unions, true, but that’s a side issue again. Each school decides – within the legislation of course – what it will teach and how. Parents get to decide what their children will learn and how. Which is how it should be, of course. Our children are the most important thing in the world to us an raising them as we think right our most sacred duty.

Fortunately, this message is getting out. The 74 Million won’t be a media outlet known to many as it’s aimed at teachers themselves. But that movement for school choice is becoming multi-state and being enacted.  We can call it all Educational Savings Accounts – what the state or county would have paid a public school to educate becomes an amount that can be spent anywhere. We could say it’s a voucher system – like they have in Sweden. We could say that we’ll get to the same end by having charter schools – some will call these academies like in Britain.

Well, OK. They’re all really different names for the same thing. You have to pay taxes for your children to be educated. Great, so you should also decide how your children should be educated. If your desire is a little different from that of your neighbor, well, that’s fine, they’re your taxes and your children.

The only possible opposition to this idea is that you should not be allowed to say how your taxes should be spent, and you should not be allowed to say how your children are educated. The only people who are, in fact, arguing that way are the teachers’ unions and the educational bureaucracy. Which they would, wouldn’t they? Under the current system, they have political power – and fat salaries – and under a righteous system, they wouldn’t.

As the 74 Million writes:

They say parents across the political spectrum want more control over their children’s education, and blame districts and teachers unions for extended school closures. But critics say the programs undermine funding for the traditional schools attended by the vast majority of students.

Yes, that’s the point. Educate the children while undermining the power and incomes of those who would force CRT, or diversity and equality, or even social and emotional learning, upon them. In fact, kill that centralized power altogether.

Don’t forget the other side of school choice. Those who still want those things for their own children will still be able to have them. It’s just they won’t be able to inflict them upon your children.

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