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On Tuesday, two special elections were held in North Carolina. Two U.S. House seats were up for grabs — one in the Third Congressional District, and one in the Ninth Congressional District.
Although both special elections are seen as an indicator for how President Donald Trump will do in November 2020 against Democrats, the ninth congressional district captured the most attention.
The latest article from Politico on the ninth congressional special election said “the GOP should still be nervous after North Carolina win.”
“Democrats had no business being competitive in the district, which Trump won by 12 points in 2016 and which has been represented by a Republican since the 1960s.”
However, the article does not address key points as to why Democrats were able to compete across this congressional district. One of them being alleged election fraud by the previous GOP candidate, Mark Harris, another being the controversial background of State Sen. Dan Bishop.
Vox reported, “Harris, who came out ahead of McCready by less than 1,000 votes last fall, was never certified as the official winner of the race due to allegations that emerged about absentee ballot tampering.”
Harris eventually decided not to run again in a special election after the allegations turned serious, allowing Bishop to take over. The fraudulent actions Harris and his team committed continued to loom over this special election.
The Politico article never mentioned voter turnout in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District. Historically, presidential election turnout is much higher than that of the midterm elections and even more so than in special elections.
For example, in the nationwide 2018 midterm election, when Harris challenged McCready, there were 282,717 voters; in 2019, within Bishop’s special election win against McCready, there were only 189,208 voters. But in the 2016 presidential election, 772,098 turned out to vote across the ninth congressional’s eight counties.
Lastly, the article never explained the background of McCready or Bishop.
According to a Daily Caller article, “McCready [businessman and war veteran] was the Democratic nominee during the original 2018 campaign… Bishop [a state senator and lawyer] a sponsor of the state’s maligned ‘bathroom bill,’ which required individuals use only public restrooms consistent with their biological sex and not their gender idenity.”
The Daily Caller reported that the controversial bathroom bill, supported by then-North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, ultimately lead to his demise in an effort for re-election.

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