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Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee, without ever having met President Donald Trump, has determined he is mentally unfit to serve.

Lee has come out with new revelations – he has taken a turn for the worse and now poses a danger to the country, she said – that Democrats and the media hope to combine with the Mueller hearings on Capitol Hill to make the case the president is ill and must be replaced or at least sidelined until treatment can take effect.

The “definitive conclusion” of the “panel comprised of leading mental health experts to evaluate Donald Trump based upon his behavior as detailed in the Mueller report” is that the president “is mentally unfit, a threat to the United States and the world, and as such should have his powers severely restricted while he is put under a doctor’s care,” AlterNet wrote under the headline, “Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump mental health an ‘emergency.’”

At Salon, Chauncey Devega wrote, based on his conversations with Lee, that “Beyond clear and repeated examples of Trump’s obstruction of justice and de facto collusion with Russia to undermine the 2016 presidential election, the Mueller report shows a president who is paranoid, a chronic liar, seriously detached from reality and in total mentally unwell,”

He also suggested the removal of Kim Darroch as British ambassador to the U.S. further indicates Trump’s unfitness for office. “In many ways, Darroch echoes Mueller’s findings: Donald Trump is described as a dishonest person, presiding over a chaotic White House full of backbiting and infighting.

“Darroch also told his British government that Trump was insecure and easily manipulated. The British diplomatic cables also warn that there is likely more to the Trump-Russia scandal than is publicly known and suggest that Trump’s presidency could end in disgrace and disaster.”

Trump’s alleged mental illness also explains his racism and his fight with the Squad of four radical far-left Democrat congresswomen, which, as Raw Story acknowledged in its piece, “Yale psychiatrist explains the root of Trump’s ‘pathological racism’” by Tana Ganeva, “continues to hog the limelight, even as Democratic presidential candidates try to break through.”

Lee told Ganeva that, as a psychiatrist, “I will see different things” that are “not always evident to the average person, while ideology or political position may not be as interesting to me as a medical professional.” Yet, she has concluded, “We as a nation consistently underestimate the dangers” posted by Trump. “No matter how we may say we already know the president is dangerous, we will lack the appreciation of just how dangerous.”

Lee’s insight to Ganeva is that whatever Trump accuses others of he is double that.

“Surely he is racist, but that is not all,” Lee told Ganeva. “When he says, ‘I am the least racist person you have ever met,’ he tells me that he is surely the most racist person I have ever met.” Furthermore, “Mr. Trump’s patterns indicate that when he says others are ‘hate-filled extremists who are constantly trying to ear our country down,’ he actually means, ‘I am a hate-filled extremist constantly trying to tear this country down.’”

Asked how much of Trump’s behavior is a function of his own desires and how much is because of manipulation by others, Lee, who professes to be non-political, responded in AlterNet: “It’s a form of codependence. It is a mutual phenomenon where you have a person who is mentally disordered. Trump would have remained psychologically disordered as an individual, and therefore not doing much harm, if he had just remained a private citizen …

“But because he rose to the level of president of the United States, this is why I and other health professionals have a medical obligation to speak publicly, to sound the alarm about this whole situation. Donald Trump is the center of vast levels of harm being done to a wide segment of society. This is a public health and public safety issue.”

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