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Our media will only go so far with their investigations of Bill Cosby’s Playboy lifestyle. That’s because the media have been partying with Hugh Hefner and “Cos” at the Playboy Mansion.

Put another way, the media will never give Hugh Hefner (aka “Hef”) the Bill Cosby treatment, even though a Google search of their names will get you a dozen pictures of them together, going back decades.

That’s because Hugh Hefner has paid off the media and progressive groups, to the tune of millions of dollars, through the Playboy Foundation and the “Hugh Hefner First Amendment Awards.”

The Washington Post reports that Cosby “partied with Hugh Hefner and was a regular at the magazine mogul’s Playboy Mansion bacchanals,” a term which means “an occasion of wild and drunken revelry.” In other words, drunken orgies.

So, in regard to Bill Cosby, the question is, what did Hefner know and when did he know it? Don’t look for the media to put “Hef” on the hot seat. Perhaps our media were too close for comfort.

One of the latest developments in the story is that The Washington Post says it interviewed a former Playboy Playmate allegedly sexually assaulted by Cosby. The paper said, “Cosby was a familiar face on the party circuit, knocking around with Hefner, author Shel Silverstein and John Dante, the second-in-command at Playboy, according to ‘Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream,’ by Steven Watts.” The Post went on: “Hef and his three buddies loved to fly up to [Playboy’s resort on Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva], catch a show, and throw a party for the Bunnies and performers.”

Our media don’t want to go too deep into this story. The film, “Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel,” summarizes the liberal view of Hefner, still popular with the media. He’s not a dirty old man; he’s a progressive.

On a first-name basis with the pornographer, the Reverend Jesse Jackson is shown saying, “Hef used the platform of his popularity to decry the injustices, the Vietnam War, and lack of civil rights, the lack of freedom and police violence against the people.”

“It was Jesse who brought Martin Luther King to the mansion in Chicago,” Hefner says in the film. (Hefner left the Chicago Playboy mansion in 1974 and moved to California.)

Like King, Jackson had his share of extramarital affairs.

Jackson admitted having sex with a female employee and having an illegitimate child. He is today the target of a sexual harassment complaint from a former male staffer, who says Jackson was having an affair with Fox News contributor Tamara Holder.

The king is Hefner, who is reported to have had 19 different wives and/or regular girlfriends and once “experimented in bisexuality.” In total, his sexual “partners” are said to number over 1,000.

The history of his Playboy Foundation—which is actually just an arm of the company—is also interesting. “In its inaugural year, the Playboy Foundation was the first and only corporate giving program in the country to provide support to regional and national organizations promoting reproductive rights, including grants to repeal restrictive abortion laws and to challenge state laws forbidding distribution of birth control.” the foundation website says.

It says Playboy provided “a substantial seed grant to establish the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, headed at the time by Ruth Bader Ginsberg [sic], one of the country’s first programs to provide legal and legislative services to assist women in the areas of marriage, divorce, employment, education, birth control and credit.”

This is the same Ruth Bader Ginsburg who became a Supreme Court Justice, appointed by the serial womanizer Bill Clinton.

Playboy believes in abortion in order to keep women sexually available for men. It is quite a scam.

If the media truly want to get to the bottom of the accusations against Cosby, they will have to put Hefner and his house guests, like Jackson, under oath. Don’t hold your breath.

Cosby’s apparent sin was not paying off the media to keep quiet.

But the fact is that Hefner’s reputation is not much better than Cosby’s.

As I noted in my 1992 book, The Playboy Foundation: A mirror of the culture?:

  • Former pornography star Linda Lovelace accused Hugh Hefner of sodomizing her in the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, saying it occurred on “orgy night.”
  • Former Playmate Miki Garcia, who worked for Playboy for 10 years in the 1970s and early 1980s, including six years as director of Playmate promotions, said she knew of Playmates who suffered from venereal diseases, who had attempted suicide, and who had procured abortions, used illegal drugs, and engaged in orgies to please Hefner. She testified that these women come to regard themselves as “products” to be used for the pleasure of the company and even of its advertisers, but that some did not leave because they feared the alternatives were prostitution and X-rated films.
  • Brenda MacKillop, a Bunny at a Playboy Club in Los Angeles for three years in the 1970s, testified that illegal drug use, group sex, and homosexuality were common in the Playboy Mansion, and that she began to drink and use drugs to desensitize her mind to the seamy world in which she found herself.
  • Dorothy Stratten, one of the most famous Playmates, was murdered by her estranged husband, who was competing for her affections with Hugh Hefner.
  • At least two former Playmates died from drug overdoses, with the mother of one of them saying, “I wish there had never been a Playboy.”

But guess who else has been frequenting the mansion—our friends in the liberal media and the “progressive” community. Perhaps they bumped into Cosby along the way.

The dirty secret is that Hefner and his daughter, Christie, who took over the company, are staunch Democrats.

Hugh Hefner gave then-presidential candidate Barack Obama $2,300 in 2007, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

Christie Hefner, who followed her father as chief executive officer of Playboy Enterprises, supported Obama’s Senate run, contributing $1,500 to his campaign.

Do you remember reading any protests in the liberal media over Obama accepting this dirty money?

In the year 2000, Democrats were trying to look friendly to family values and forced the cancellation of a fundraiser at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. On many other occasions, however, the Democrats have been eagerly taking Playboy money.

Obama isn’t the only Democratic politician to get Playboy money. A review of FEC records shows financial contributions from the Hefners to such prominent Democrats as current and former Senators John Kerry (MA), Hillary Clinton (NY), Al Gore (TN), Barbara Boxer (CA), Dick Durbin (IL), Patty Murray (WA), Carl Levin (MI), Al Franken (MN), Charles Schumer (NY), Debbie Stabenow (MI), and Sheldon Whitehouse (RI).

On the House side, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA) has also accepted Playboy money.

Despite their promotion of feminism and “women’s rights,” you won’t find the progressives demanding investigations of the link between pornography and violence against women. That’s a taboo topic.

Indeed, the “Think Progress” blog of the Center for American Progress has gloated that hard-core pornography is here to stay, since Eric Holder’s Department of Justice “has not made prosecuting adult pornography a priority…” As a result, rape porn videos are available on the Web. Now that’s progress!

The Deseret News reported that a party at the Playboy Mansion in the year 2000 featured Arianna Huffington, who now runs The Huffington Post, and Bill Maher of HBO. The Washington Post has noted that Maher, a member of the board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), can sometimes be found “smoking pot and sipping pomegranate juice at the Playboy Mansion.”

“Also at the party were dozens of reporters, photographers and broadcast media from Washington who cover politics,” the Deseret News said. “Some clamored to be photographed standing next to the Playmates.”

Hefner buys influence in the media by giving them awards, entitled the “Hugh M Hefner First Amendment Awards.” Arianna Huffington appeared at the 2004 event.

Before that, in the year 2000, Arianna Huffington, now a leading progressive, held a “press welcoming party” at the Playboy Mansion.

The 2013 award winners of the Hefner awards included John Perry Barlow, Daniel Ellsberg, Rainey Reitman and Trevor Timm, the co-founders of a pro-Edward Snowden group called the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Snowden mouthpiece Glenn Greenwald was himself given a Hefner award in 2014 for his anti-NSA stories.

This year’s event featured Christie Hefner as Master of Ceremonies. A press release identified her as:

  • Chairman of Columbia Journalism Review’s 50th Anniversary
  • A member of the board of the Illinois affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union for more than 20 years
  • A member of the board of The Nation Institute

A member of the board of the Center for American Progress Action, a major “progressive” group, Christie Hefner is described as a frequent commentator on MSNBC, CNN and CNBC, where she “brings unique perspectives and insights to a wide range of issues, from leading in tough times to running a family business.”

So selling naked women like pieces of meat is a family business.

This year’s event was held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. and included Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News as a “judge.” Reports indicate that she didn’t wear a bunny tail.

The 2012 event was held at the notorious Playboy Mansion itself and honored Jesselyn Radack for her work defending a disgruntled former employee of the NSA.

Radack, now a “legal adviser” to Edward Snowden, was so proud that she put a notice about the award on the website of her Government Accountability Project. A photo shows her outside the mansion with her award.

Can you imagine any woman being proud of an award named for America’s leading pornographer and exploiter of women?

I cannot report that Snowden himself was a visitor to the Playboy mansion before fleeing to Russia. There’s no evidence of that. The best he could do was to get a girl who used to be a pole dancer, not a Playmate. She has joined him in Moscow, apparently to keep him entertained, under the watchful eye of the KGB. This “honey trap” shows who’s in charge of Snowden.

The Playboy lifestyle has certainly had a dramatic impact on America, especially “women’s rights.” But Bill Cosby isn’t the only famous figure implicated in the sordid activities at the mansion. For obvious reasons, our media won’t tell you “the rest of the story.” Now you know.

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