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Joe Biden just can’t get his message through that he’s innocent of anything regarding Ukraine and that it’s President Trump who should be answering for his actions. And it’s because the former vice-president’s message “is being drowned out by a pro-Trump network on social media and cable news that kicked into gear over the weekend, leveling accusations against Biden that have scant factual basis,” wrote the Washington Post on Monday.

“Joe Biden’s campaign released videos last weekend to supporters and memos to reporters attempting to debunk the unsubstantiated claims President Trump is promoting about Biden, his son Hunter and Ukraine’s freshly minted celebrity president,” wrote Matt Viser and Isaac Stanley-Becker in “In Trump’s attacks against Biden, Democrats see a worrisome reprise of 2016.”

The campaign also “sent out a fundraising appeal offering up bumper stickers emblazoned with Biden’s new mantra that he will ‘beat Trump like a drum,’” they wrote, then called this “a worrisome sign for Democrats anxious about reliving the party’s woes in 2016.”

The “skirmish,” wrote the Post, “illustrated how ill-equipped Democrats, busy battling one another in the fight for the nomination, are to compete with Trump’s online megaphone, which includes not just his own Twitter feed and that of the Republican National Committee’s leadership, but also a regiment of conservative talking heads and highly active Internet trolls who have closed ranks around the president.”

The reporters fail to mention the tools on Biden’s side – the explicit backing of all Trump opponents and relentless attacks on the president by their employer and its many mainstream competitors.

What wasn’t missing was continuous referrals to the charges against Biden and his son as having “scant factual basis” or being “unsubstantiated.” We’re told the “flurry of online attacks against Biden carries echoes of conspiracy theories spready by Trump and his allies about Hillary Clinton’s health and claims about her foreign entanglements.”

Later: “The assertion that Biden behaved corruptly when it came to Ukraine marked a significant escalation by Trump and his allies to elevate what are unsubstantiated claims into a dangerous threat to the 76-year-old’s candidacy.” Then, the Hillary campaign’s director of rapid response is reported to have said “Democrats may have miscalculated four years ago in ignoring conspiracy theories that sprouted on the fringes of the Inrent.”

Still later: “Trump took his attacks even further on Monday – without proof – after Biden told Trump to release the transcript of his calls with Ukraine.” Unlike Clinton, Biden’s campaign “has mobilized its research team, attempting to find ways to combat false charges and return the focus to Trump.”

Two paragraphs below that: “On Facebook, Trump’s supporters also mobilized, amplifying unfounded rumors about the vice president and his son.” The Post accused “pro-Trump news pages, some of which are operated by users outside the United States,” of treating viewers “to a battery of videos and links to articles from websites that run hyper-partisan articles, often without bylines.

“The online battles illustrate ho the campaign is increasingly unfolded in an unregulated digital ecosystem, on in which Trump has eschewed traditional political norms.”

Only there is video of Biden not only doing what Democrats are accusing Trump of doing – using his office and the promise of U.S. foreign aid to pressure Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was looking into his son, Hunter, and his position on the board of crooked Ukranian energy company, even though Hunter Biden has no experience or expertise on energy matters.

In the video, Joe Biden recounts the actions he took against the prosecutor. “I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor, and they didn’t,” Biden says in one part of the video. Later, he said, “I said I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a b—ch. He got fired.”

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