Accuracy in Media

The mainstream and alternative news media covered the ongoing impeachment trial drama between the House of Representatives and the Senate, along with the Democratic Party’s narrative that both American workers and the country’s economy are struggling under the Trump administration.

Despite their narratives, the American people feel differently about impeachment and the economy as multiple polls demonstrate. Impeachment polls have been tight, with six of 11 polls agreeing with Trump that impeachment was unnecessary. Three other polls were tied on impeachment, and the three remaining polls were in favor of impeachment.

CNN published results of its poll that asked questions on various topics, such as public confidence in the economy and the upcoming 2020 presidential race. Compared to December 2018, public confidence in the economy increased by nine percentage points from 67 percent to 76 percent this month.

Additionally, his favorability ratings have been less negative in recent months. CNN found that this month, his favorability rating is negative six percentage points, while six months ago in June 2019, it was double that. Meaning, as time goes on, more Americans are warming to Trump’s performance as president when compared to the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidates as well as looking at the overall state of the country’s economy.

Contrary to the media’s narrative on impeachment and the state of the economy, the American people are confident about Trump’s job performance as president. Multiple polls reflect that Americans preferred Trump’s handling of the economy and disagreed with the current impeachment trial drama in Congress, but the media refused to acknowledge these realities in their media coverage.

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