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An ABC News/Ipsos poll contradicted the mainstream media’s narrative that President Donald Trump mismanaged its COVID-19 response. The poll found that 55% of Americans approved of Trump’s management of the public health crisis, with 43% disapproval. Last week’s poll showed the opposite result, when only 43% approval of his job performance and 54% disapproval.

ABC News reversed its narrative with a week. Last week’s poll headlined growing dissatisfaction with Trump’s handling of the government’s response, “Two-thirds of Americans concerned about contracting coronavirus, as country grapples with growing crisis: POLL.” But this week, ABC News’s headline read, “’Wartime president’ gets polling boost as election scripts get rewritten.”

The news outlet noted that the poll’s flipped results was “a near-mirror-image reversal” despite the crisis’s volatility.

Since last week, Trump has given multiple public speeches and remarks to calm the public, assuring them that his administration is trying to accelerate vaccine development and to speed up medical supplies to hospitals and doctors on the ground. Yet his approval numbers increased in a week’s time despite the media’s criticism over Trump’s use of the phrase “Chinese virus.” The poll’s findings demonstrated that the media’s manufactured semantics controversy did not impact Americans’ perception of Trump’s job performance.

Trump weathered the media’s criticism so far and the poll’s findings indicated that Americans did not buy into the media’s narratives about Trump’s alleged lackluster leadership.

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