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Despite the mainstream media’s protests otherwise, “Nearly 4 in 10 voters believe Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was spied on during the 2016 election, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they believe the Trump campaign was spied on, compared to 28 percent who said they don’t believe the president’s campaign was spied on. More than a third — 35 percent — said they don’t know or have no opinion about it.

The poll found that nearly a quarter of Democrats (24 percent) believe that the Trump campaign was spied on, while 57 percent of Republicans thought so also, according to POLITICO/Morning Consult. Attorney General William Barr recently told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that he thought “spying did occur” on then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign

Trump acknowledged the poll in a tweet with a link to a Breitbart News article by John Nolte, which described the mainstream media’s anti-Trump bias as a “gaslight” attempt: “Nolte: Poll Shows Media Failed to Gaslight Public About Trump Campaign Spying  via @BreitbartNews

“This might be the greatest media fail in the history of media fails,” Nolte wrote. “It most certainly is yet one more piece of evidence of an ever-growing pile that the media have lost almost all of their ability to influence public opinion … Whether it is the outlawing of ‘illegal immigrant’ or ‘chick flick’ or ‘bossy’ or ‘spying,’ the media have launched a literal Orwellian campaign to stifle debate by making our language less precise, by removing descriptive words from the dictionary only to replace them with Newspeak, with confusing mush like  ‘undocumented immigrant’ or ‘surveillance approved by a FISA court.’

“Hey, do you want to know what ‘surveillance approved by a FISA court’ is called…?

“It’s called SPYING…”

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