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On Wednesday Republican Rep. Bill Flores, who represents Texas’ 17th Congressional District, announced his decision to retire after serving a decade.

Once Flores retires he will be 66 years old, and plans to “spend much more time with my family and our grandchildren.” The Texas Republican also stated he planned on resuming business activities in the private sector and stay politically active at all levels of government.

Flores’ statement also reads that during his time in Congress he “Traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, spent hundreds of nights away from home and generally worked 12-18 hours per day.”

During this time period of hard work and travel, the Republican Study Committee Chairman lost family members such as his father-in-law and watched his parents move further into the later stages of life. Simply put, in conclusion, the elected official wasn’t getting much time with family as the years continued to pass by quickly. 

PoliticsUSA writer Jason Easley, manufactured a story and developed an analysis regarding the two key factors that played a role in Flores’ choice to retire from Congress now, rather than later.

Easley said the first factor of Flores’ early retirement is because “House Republicans are pessimistic about taking back the House in 2020. This pessimism is fueled by a lack of fundraising, quality candidates, and the strength of the Democratic operation under Nancy Pelosi.”

The author chalked up the second factor of an early retirement amongst republican representatives as, “the unpopularity of Donald Trump. Many Republicans see that Trump has no re-election strategy and that what the president is running on is making the entire party less popular.” 

Flores continuously dominated his opponents since his first election into office in 2011. The Texas Republican hasn’t lost a race by less than 58 percent of the total vote. The same district delivered for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in 2016 by 56 percent of the total vote. Although Trump’s poll numbers have slipped in Texas since inauguration day, his approval rates higher than his disapproval by 6 percent net positive. 

In comparison, other mainstream news organizations such as CNN, Fox News, and Washington Post didn’t report these two same factors, as reasons to retire now, but rather covered Rep. Flores’ retirement as close to his actual statement as possible.

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