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Politico Warns Democratic Presidential Candidates that Clean-Energy Promises Could Backfire

Politico [1] published a report on Democratic candidate campaign promises to create or boost clean energy jobs, to include the following :

Contrary to much of the media coverage surrounding the 2020 cycle and the Democratic Party candidates, Politico’s article warned candidates about the perils of going all-in on clean-energy promises and proposals. The article, headlined, “California raises the caution flag on ‘green jobs,’ [1]” discussed how the state of California invested in clean-energy, only to see it backfire.

For example, California stopped counting clean-energy jobs back in 2013 because it could not adequately separate job creation in the clean-energy sector from current job growth. California’s Employment Development Department stopped counting the jobs because it could not find “discernible evidence that green firms were more likely to create jobs than non-green firms.”

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics also stopped counting clean-energy jobs in the same year.

Politico also noted that despite a 2008 California law that created a “green-collar jobs council” and annual reports to the state legislature, both “dropped off in 2010.”

The article warned, “reality doesn’t always live up to projections” when it comes to clean energy.

“The state’s experience also reveals just how modest — and unimpressive — those goals would be for a 10-year period.”

Politico’s article partially exposed the problems facing clean-energy proposals due to California’s own struggles with clean-energy mandates and laws, but it has not stopped the mainstream media from solely reporting on headlines without giving much context or background on issues like these.