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Politico announced December 21 that Sam Stein would lead its coverage of the Biden administration as the White House editor.

It’s difficult to imagine how Politico can still tout itself as an objective news outlet following this announcement, considering Stein’s background working solely for left-wing media organizations.  

Stein has been a major critic of both the Trump administration and the GOP for many years. Prior to his Politico appointment, Stein served as a politics editor at The Daily Beast for three and a half years and as the White House correspondent and politics editor at HuffPost for ten years. Additionally, Stein has been a longtime MSNBC contributor. 

To sum it up: All of the media outlets Stein has contributed to and worked for during his career are bastions of left-wing groupthink. When Fox News pressed Politico to defend Stein’s appointment, Politico claimed that “rigorous, non-partisan, evidence-based journalism is long-established and core to our mission.” In light of Stein’s history, that claim seems dubious at best.

In its own press release about Stein, Politico stated that he has a “firsthand understanding of the Obama-Biden era and its team, which you may have noticed is getting a second act now.” 

While this is undoubtedly true, Stein is actually not the only one in his family with ties to the Obama-Biden era. Stein’s wife, Jessica Leinwand, served as Deputy Associate Counsel at the White House during the Obama administration and now works as a public policy manager for Facebook. 

Leinwand has donated almost $10,000 to left-wing causes, including more than $5,700 to Biden’s presidential campaign. Accuracy in Media has previously reported on the growing connections between the Biden administration and big tech. With the appointment of Stein to the Politico team covering the Biden administration, it would appear that those bonds are strengthening. 

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