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The media has criticized President Donald Trump for his alleged war-mongering word choice and combative political strategy when handling certain left-leaning states and their policies.

Politico is the latest critic in an article headlined, “Trump’s war with California moves to new level.”

It is a blunt headline and yet it demonstrates the hypocrisy of the media when it comes to the president. The headline uses the same rhetoric which the media has blasted Trump for using: war-like wording and phrases in addition to the divisive nature of those words and phrases.

The article is unapologetic about where it stands when it comes to President Trump and left-leaning states such as California. In its first line, Politico writes, “Donald Trump wants to put the most influential state in the nation in its place.” The first line alone sheds the standard of impartiality and neutrality which should be found in media outlets and among journalists.

The premise of the Politico article is to portray the president’s policies in contrast to California, where the Trump administration federal government is often at odds with California on environmental regulation issues. The Trump administration recently told California that it could revoke the state’s power to set its own auto emissions standards, which California lawmakers and state government were unhappy with.

Politico did note, to its credit, that California is “an iconically blue state where he is wildly unpopular.”

The Trump administration also threatened to withdraw California’s authority under the Clean Air Act to set its own pollution standards, which the state said it would fight it in the courts. Politico casts doubt on whether the Trump administration would win these federal vs. state legal battles when it said, “He may not win on the policy — the courts, ultimately, will decide whether Trump’s move on auto emissions will have teeth.”

Politico’s article praises California’s environmental regulatory efforts throughout the piece and quoted multiple Democratic Party state lawmakers, without providing any rebuttal from Trump administration sources or allies.

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