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One of the main rallying cries of the 2020 campaign cycle is how Wall Street and U.S. billionaires unfairly control the U.S. economic system. Progressive U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has consistently railed against the wealthy in her stump speeches, advertisements, campaign appearances, and on the debate stage.

Warren’s campaign, like other competitors such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), highlight their reliance on individual and small donors to fund their presidential campaigns. However, Politico blew up Warren’s narrative that her campaign is an advocate for the average American voter due to its reliance on big-money and wealthy donors and interest groups.

Politico’s latest article, entitled, “Inside Warren’s secret big-donor fan club,” cited multiple sources about Warren’s campaign machinations. Although Warren has foregone the traditional fundraising route by eliminating fundraiser-exclusive positions, several of her staffers act as a fundraiser in addition to their campaign responsibilities.

The article began with the line, “Elizabeth Warren prohibits special access for big donors — but her campaign treasurer and another close ally are organizing wealthy supporters for Warren behind the scenes while she rips on the rich.”

Warren’s alleged hypocrisy was on full display in Politico’s article, which noted how Warren’s campaign railed against Wall Street and billionaires, selling “a campaign mug labeled “BILLIONAIRE TEARS,” yet catered to wealthy Wall Street donors across the northeastern United States. One of her campaign’s top staffers, campaign treasurer Paul Egerman, may have ties to liberal billionaire George Soros as both were involved in the “high-powered liberal donor group Democracy Alliance.”

Despite her campaign rhetoric, it appears Warren is fine with accepting donations from the wealthy and rich whom she often criticizes in public. Her campaign’s fundraising tactics may be savvy, but it appears to be hypocritical and dishonest to push the narrative that her campaign relies heavily on individual and small donors.

Among the mainstream media, only the right-leaning Washington Examiner cited the Politico article and pointed out similar issues with Warren’s campaign and its fundraising tactics. The media should know better and should report on the article’s findings to better inform the American public.

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