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Politico’s Jake Sherman, Anna Palmer and Daniel Lippman asserted that President Trump’s behavior relative to other presidents would be “so toxic that it would be impossible to do business with him.”

“BY HISTORICAL STANDARDS, ROBERT MUELLER has already been so successful in delivering prominent scalps that in a different context, his work product would be unassailable, and PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP would likely be considered in immediate mortal political danger, so toxic that it would be impossible to do business with him,” the POLITICO trio write in POLITICO Playbook email that’s a favorite within the D.C. establishment.

“THE THOUGHT EXERCISE … The volume has been turned to max for so long in our political culture, what could Mueller unveil that would shock our sensibilities, transcend partisanship, silence the GOP and satisfy the inflated expectations of Democrats?”

But the examples of questionable behavior unearthed by the Mueller investigation that Politico cites are not directly related to actions that occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign; they are actions taken before or after the campaign.

For example, Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos both pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents following the campaign. Rick Gates pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the United States prior to the campaign and he also pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI after the campaign. Paul Manafort’s first indictment was related to work that he did prior to joining the Trump campaign, and a subsequent indictment of witness tampering was for behavior after the campaign.

Politico also condemned President Trump for meeting with Vladimir Putin because he “has nothing in common with U.S. interests,” but they fail to mention prior presidents like Barack Obama who worked with Putin on a Syria deal and other presidents who negotiated an end to the Cold War with other Soviet at Russian leaders.

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