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NBC reporter Pete Williams admitted in pre-hearing coverage that Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony today is not about anything new legally, it’s just about political optics. The House Oversight Committee is led by Democrats who don’t like President Trump.

Speaking to NBC colleagues Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd, Williams said that the testimony today had strong political undertones.

“The significance of what Cohen is saying is that he got reimbursed for this after the president became president,” Cohen said. “And that’s something we hadn’t heard about before. But finally, Chuck, Savannah i think it’s important to remember that because the special counsel and the prosecutors know all this, it’s not so important legally what he says today. it’s more important politically, not that that’s unimportant, but it is more political than it is legal.”

Todd responded: “Well, that’s a good reminder. As somebody said ‘what’s an impeachable offense? it is whatever Congress says it is. Which means today’s event is very much political.”

Later on, Guthrie state “there are some explosive claims in the testimony he is about to give and he has some serious credibility issues as well. He is a convicted felon and admitted liar, someone who will report to prison in about 60 days to serve a three-year sentence.”

Todd noted that Democrats seemed to be using Cohen to set the stage for impeachment of Trump, who is currently in Vietnam working on eliminating the nuclear threat of North Korea.

“Let’s call it what it is,” Todd said. “If there is an impeachment inquiry against the president of the United States, today is day one. Today will be viewed in hindsight as unofficial start of this. That is not to say that is what we are watching today and witnessing today. But in many ways, what the Oversight Committee, what House Democrats are doing, is essentially starting to test drive an impeachment procedure and Michael Cohen is the star attraction for day one.”

Guthrie agreed, though added an additional note: “Absolutely. It is actually day two, because day one was Michael Cohen yesterday before the Senate select committee on intelligence.”

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