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In an article detailing the situation at the Mexico border, People, rather than blaming the current administration, pointed the finger at former President Donald Trump.

“With its expulsions of the Haitian migrants, the Biden administration is utilizing a public health policy enacted by former President Donald Trump in 2020, which states that migrants to the U.S. can be immediately expelled, without the ability to seek asylum, amid a pandemic,” according to People.

“One reported factor in the influx was that some migrants believed it might be easier to get into the U.S. after Biden’s election, given the empathy he displayed compared to Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach and Trump’s derogatory comments about Latin American migrants,” People continued, giving Biden points for kindness despite the state of the border it roundly criticized throughout the article.

It also singled out “conservatives and local officials” for “call[ing] for a swifter response to the influx of people.”

In addition, People summed up a piece run by the El Paso Times and its “reports of possible whippings.” Several liberal journalists jumped to identify “whips” in photos of authorities on horseback.

The White House both condemned the use of whips and denied that whips were used.


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