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PBS didn’t stop presidential candidate Joe Biden from making false claims during an interview on PBS NewsHour.

“We’re now in a position where wages are stagnant,” Biden said to PBS’s Judy Woodruff. “They’re going up slightly, but not enough. Part-time workers are being counted. I mean, look, the numbers, I don’t look at. What I look at is what I hear in the street and what I look at in my own neighborhood.”

Woodruff didn’t push back on the stagnant wages claim, which Biden seemed to even realize was flimsy, given he said not to look at numbers and instead rely on anecdotal evidence.

Biden’s claim is demonstrably false. Per the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, wages have been growing at 3 percent or better for the past 15 months. Importantly, those pay raises are predominately benefiting workers at the margins of the workforce, including new record low unemployment for black Americans (5.4 percent). The U.S. economy has seen an average of 167,000 jobs per month in 2019.

Biden is lying about Trump’s economic record contrasts with the fact that there was not a single year of wage growth from the Obama-Biden Administration that beats the wage growth workers saw in 2017 or 2018. (If 3 percent is stagnant, what would he call his own record?)

Biden also bent the truth when he said on PBS that “I did not know [Hunter] was on the board of that company.”

Woodruff let that assertion slide, instead asking, “But if you had known, would you have said, don’t, or would you have believed — said, this is wrong?”

PBS didn’t seem to do its own digging to find out that Biden affirmed last month that he told his son Hunter “I sure hope to hell you know what you’re doing” after learning he joined the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Just last week, Biden reaffirmed the story and said, “What I meant by that is I hope you’ve thought this through.”

PBS allowed Biden to claim he had no idea about Hunter Biden’s $50,000-a-month business dealings in Ukraine, despite multiple State Department officials raising red flags and expressing their concerns about the gig at the time.

It’s clear that Hunter Biden’s position on the board of a Ukrainian gas company was problematic, and that Biden knew about it and did nothing, but PBS didn’t let its viewers know.

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