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Pastor Mark Burns, a black Evangelical leader who advises President Trump on matters of faith, spoke with Accuracy In Media about the extraordinarily difficult headwinds he faces in the media as a black conservative.

“Well, it is extremely biased because, again, the whole, false ideology that every black person is a Democrat,” Burns said. “And so anyone that is a person of color is automatically placed in the Democratic ‘plantation’ mindset, and that’s really one of the reasons why I’m running for Congress.

“Media wants to point anyone that’s a black conservative as a ‘sellout,’ an ‘Uncle Tom.’ These are racially derogatory terms that are used all the time. And I’m just going to say this, while we’re here. Listen, if you ever call a black person an ‘Uncle Tom,’ if you’re a black person who calls another black person an ‘Uncle Tom,’ a ‘sellout,’ a ‘coon,’ any racially-derogatory term, then you’ve lost any credibility to call a white person a racist, let me just tell you that.”

Burns gave a speech at the 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland, where he called for racial unity rather than continued separation and division.

Since Trump took office, few mainstream media outlets have reported that black unemployment is at record lows or that black Americans are returning back to the labor force after departing under prior administrations.

Few outlets also reported on data showing that Trump’s approval rating is improving among black men.

“Fake news is very real,” Burns said. “They want to keep making sure that they keep every black person on the Democratic plantation when in reality there are more and more black conservatives out there. But media doesn’t want to give us the same media attention as the black liberal Left.”

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