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The mainstream media has spent much of the 2020 presidential campaign cycle praising multiple presidential primary candidates, until the large field of candidates eventually thins out. One of the effusively praised candidates was Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), a former state attorney general for California running on her record of criminal justice reform.

Harris’s background was mostly overlooked by the mainstream media during this campaign cycle, outside of a detailed Politico article on Harris’s rise from a prosecutor’s office to the U.S. Senate. The article mentioned how elitist and wealthy individuals in state politics elevated her to the Senate, but the mainstream media ignored the revelations.

Harris’s quick rise saw a jump in the polls this past March and then also after she went toe-to-toe in a July debate with former vice president Joe Biden. She criticized Biden for his past vote on busing, a segregationist tactic, and other criminal justice-related issues.

But her rise stalled once another presidential primary candidate, Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, criticized Harris’s tenure as California’s attorney general. Harris’s poll numbers have tumbled since then and it became very worrisome to the point that her campaign wrote internal memos on how to salvage her candidacy. Politico obtained one of the internal memos of the Harris campaign, which detailed her campaign’s strategy to win the New Hampshire primary and noted her “summer slump.”

Media outlets have piled the criticism since the last debate, such as PolitiFact, New York Times and FiveThirtyEight. Now, her campaign is planning a last-ditch effort to stop the downward slide in the early-primary state of Iowa.

Politico and the Daily Beast reported on Harris’s campaign’s shift in Iowa. Politico said that her August bus tour, which had 17-stops, was the last time she was in Iowa. The news outlet also reported that her campaign currently has a 65-person team in the state, but it appears that they will double the size of that team sooner rather than later. The Daily Beast informed an anonymous Democratic Party official in Iowa that Harris has not visited the state since her August bus tour, to which the official said, “Oh my God, is that true? I didn’t even notice that.”

Harris’s campaign appears to have its work cut out for it, which multiple sources and media outlets say is a steep climb to regain momentum in a presidential primary race.

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