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BuzzFeed offered no counterbalancing facts to the opinion voices of liberal celebrities who traveled to the southern U.S. border to protest the Trump administration’s’ immigration policies.

In her reporting, BuzzFeed reporter Amber Jamieson offered no blue-collar or otherwise pro-Trump voice to respond to the criticism from the rich, elite “group of celebrities [who] chartered a flight Sunday morning from Los Angeles to El Paso.”

Trump rose to victory in large part due to working-class Americans, many who had seen their wages stagnate due to competition from low-skilled undocumented immigrants.

Meanwhile, for Americans struggling on the lower end of the economic spectrum, as The Wall Street Journal reports, under the Trump administration’s watch, the “University of Michigan’s consumer-sentiment index, confidence among households in the bottom third income tier has risen 11.4 points since February, an IHS Markit analysis of sentiment figures shows. Meanwhile, sentiment among Americans in the highest third of incomes has fallen more than eight points.”

Jamieson reported: “‘We have a racist in the White House,’ [filmmaker Rob] Reiner told news reporters after leaving the stage. ‘Make no mistake about it; he’d rather keep brown people from their kids.’”

But Jamieson offered no counterpoints, including from Latino and other non-white immigrants who chose to enter the United States legally rather than illegally — in cases many waiting for many years — who are critical of the influx of immigrants illegally crossing the border.

“Bella Thorne hung out with her older sister, musician Dani Thorne, both saying they were very concerned about the separated families,” Jamieson reported. “When this reporter pointed to the tents housing children a few hundred feet in the distance, Bella responded, ‘So fucked up. This whole American dream idea is kind of a lie.’”

Jamieson did not offer any alternate voices to question how Thorne’s understanding of the American Dream — which Thorne said should apply to illegal immigrants — comports with those American citizens and legal immigrants struggling to make their own ends meet and are starting to see their lives improve due to respect for U.S. sovereignty and the consent of the governed.

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