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Former President Barack Obama is proudly holding a fundraiser disguised as a birthday party despite the push-back by people who think a birthday bash during the COVID delta surge might be not just in poor taste but also dangerous.

But just don’t count the Washington media as worried.

“The Obamas have been vocal advocates of following public health protocols and stressing the importance of vaccination,” says the Washington Post reassuringly. Vocal, maybe.  But in this case also hypocritical.

Because yeah, different Party with a capital “P,” so different rules apply.

The fundraising must go on.

Last week Reuters got all snotty with us at because we pointed out their hypocrisy of fretting about COVID caused by the Cuban protests while poo-pooing the dangers of the BLM protests in spreading the virus.

So it goes with fellow Socialista Obama.

According to the media, COVID only goes after MAGA rallies, and it only goes after small business owners trying to eke out a living. How on earth can they expect us to believe their rules and guidelines when they don’t adhere to them?

It’s because the rules are only there for Republicans and for Little People—little people who don’t have the ability to secure multi-millions from publishers or from Netflix.

This brings us to the true reason why the birthday party is happening during COVID.

The media is burying the lede here.  It’s not a birthday party for Obama. It’s a fundraiser.  Each of the “suggested” charities featured at the party is an Obama foundation charity.

A foundation, by the way, is how you raise money as a politician when you don’t have the same talent Hunter Biden has as an artist.

And despite protestations that every guest at the party will be vaccinated, do you really think the party will require proof of vaccination? Or will the checkbooks be the only vaccine passport needed?

But as Gavin Newsom, Mayor Bowser, Nancy Pelosi, Governors Whitmer and Pritzker and countless other leftists have shown us, the rules don’t apply to our ruling class.  COVID, it seems, knows to leave them alone.

Remember the flak Trump got for going around outside without a mask?  Obama is hosting a glorified maskless fundraiser for his political groups, while the media gives him a pass because he’s their ally.

Had Trump done the same they’d be calling this party a superspreader event.

It’s a super spreader alright.

But that’s not a virus you’re smelling.

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