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NYT Smear Campaign Fails Credibility Check

Earlier this week the New York Times had two authors, Nicholas Confessore and Justin Bank, who wrote an investigative piece titled [1], “In the Trump Era, A Family’s Fight with Google and Facebook Over Disinformation” referring to the news and opinion website [2], the Western Journal. 

Within this article, the two authors start by slamming the “team of young writers and editors” saying, “tradition-minded patriots face ceaseless assault by anti-Christian bigots, diseased migrants and race hustlers concocting hate crimes.”

The NYT investigative article continued to claim The Western Journal” hired copy editors with traditional journalism training.”

Confessore and Bank continued with how “The Western Journal, just like President Donald Trump seems to be battling the same technology firms that enabled its rise. They mentioned that “Facebook traffic has declined sharply.”

However, Western Journal founder Floyd Brown wrote to his 1.6 million newsletter subscribers, “Facebook has determined to put the Western Journal out of business.” 

The NYT authors omitted [3] Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and Covington & Burling’s anti-conservative bias on Facebook findings from their investigative hit piece. This report shed light on critical media bias against conservatives, and Facebook’s failure to address legit censorship concerns. The NYT piece also made no mention of Media Research Center and more than 20 conservative leaders slamming Facebook for failing to address concerns that the social media giant is guilty of unfair censorship in a public statement.

NYT has had the ability to update their story that was originally published on August 21, explaining why WJ’s founder Floyd Brown had every right to share his concern over Facebook’s determination on putting them out of business. Although the article shows its original publishing date, it also shows the story was updated just Thursday, to which no details on Facebook’s conservative censorship were added.

To make an effort in defending themselves, WJ’s Managing Editor, George Upper recently authored an article [4] in their daily publication to dissolve any negative bias claims and misinformation written against his employer’s organization by the New York Times.

Upper debunked the New York Times’ claim that Western Journals team is “young writers and editors,” saying, “I appreciate the compliment, but I’m 51 – eight years older than [NYT journalist] Confessore and I’m not the oldest member of the editorial team… whom Confessore has never met or talked with.”

Upper also showed NYT’s falsification as to how they have hired many individuals with great experience. He later notes one being an individual who oversaw the editorial process of the Western Journal for years and nearly all their editors were working as current editors prior to 2018.

The managing editor rounded out by mentioning they invited NYT to their office on multiple occasions and shared information with them in good faith. As The Western Journal hoped for more of an honest portrayal of their practices and priorities, NYT penned a credibility miscalculation on The Western Journal. Upper ends by saying, “Maybe our trust in The New York Times and its journalists was misplaced, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”