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Maya Salam, a gender reporter for The New York Times, suggested that the patriarchy must be “incinerated.”

Whether Salam is explicitly calling for violence against men is unclear, but it’s clear that in her promotional Times article reviewing the book “Why Does Patriarchy Persist?” by Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider, she offers no balance or critical thinking.

“Remember in ‘Terminator 2’ how the bad terminator kept getting smashed and shattered and ripped apart, but it didn’t matter?” Salam writes. “He just kept re-emerging, rising from the ashes, as an unstoppable force. Now imagine that terminator is a vessel to keep power, wealth and status in the hands of men — that’s the patriarchy. It can feel indestructible, coming back ever stronger despite seemingly endless efforts to smash it. But why and how, after decades of activism, does the patriarchy persist? That’s what Carol Gilligan, the psychologist and ethicist, and Naomi Snider, a former student of Dr. Gilligan’s, were determined to unpack in their new book, ‘Why Does Patriarchy Persist?’”

The answer may seem obvious: It persists because it maintains a system in which men hold power — political, economic, institutional — and what man would want to give that up?”

Salam offers no conservative voice or any critical analysis of the claims by Gilligan and Snider, instead choosing to end her piece hinting that perhaps men need to be torched to make women happy.

“At the end of ‘Terminator 2,’ the bad terminator is finally destroyed because he is incinerated, decimating him to the core,” Salam writes. “If it’s true that patriarchy is now hard-wired into our minds, it may take a drastic self-reckoning to ever truly eliminate it.”

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