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The New York Times used former Vice President Joe Biden’s problems with women who are decrying how he touched them as an excuse to attack President Trump and divert attention away from the decades of alleged maltreatment by Biden. On Twitter, President Donald Trump released a satire video criticizing Biden.

“The tweet and video seemed like a typical partisan jab, except for the fact that it was issued by a president who has been accused by more than a dozen women of sexual misconduct and assault,” wrote the Times’ Annie Karni and Sydney Ember. “But in mocking Mr. Biden, the president seemed to be walking a perilous line, opening himself up to charges of hypocrisy, and practically inviting a re-examination of his own behavior toward women — behavior he has either denied or refused to discuss.”

The Times also used the allegations against Biden as an excuse to attack Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, despite no corroborating evidence supporting the claims against him.

“He has talked about the ‘the terrible pain and suffering’ that Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and his family were subject to during his Supreme Court confirmation process, which was almost derailed by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Justice Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both teenagers,” the Times wrote.

The Times also relied on anonymous sourcing to claim that “Privately, Mr. Trump told aides he was frustrated by the way Rob Porter — who resigned as the White House staff secretary in February 2018 amid domestic abuse accusations from both of his former wives — was forced to exit, never having a chance to tell his side of the story.”

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